Classification essay thesis statement

Classification essay thesis statement
Before you start writing and make classification essay thesis statement, make a plan. You should consider the storyline and then develop it. Events can be associated with the words: first, until, when, after, before, finally, eventually, etc.

If you're writing an essay-description, for example, describe a person, it must consist introduction in which you describe the basic information about the person, tell them where, when and how you first met. Then proceed to the main part, where you can describe the appearance, personality and interests. Finally, write your opinion about this man. Describing the person you often see, for example, a classmate or neighbor, use real time (Present Simple and Present Continuous). And if you're describing a person you know or who met once, or a person who is no longer alive, then use past tenses (Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present and Past Perfect). Descriptions are often found in articles, letters, stories, etc. therefore, consider the style of writing. For example, if you write a note to the school magazine, use a semi-formal style and polite, respectful tone.

In order to interest the reader you need a good start. Think carefully about the first phrase to inspire teachers. The first sentence should be such that the reader wants to continue reading. You can start with a story: the description of the weather, the people around you of the situation. Describe your feelings or mood. You can use direct speech, ask a rhetorical question, or go directly to your reader. Please note that it is possible to use different techniques to start your essay.

Avoid the use of simple adjectives, such as good, bad, well, nice. Try to decorate your speech with more "complex" adjectives and adverbs, eg, luxurious, extravagant, threateningly, etc. Use more synonyms, instead of "said" write "whispered," "mumbled." Add liveliness to your speech. Be original. You should not blindly follow other people's thoughts.

Do not rush. Divide the job for three days. On the first day, make a plan, and questions on the topic. Next, prepare the answers to them. On the third day, sit down and write. Let the work lie down a couple of days, and then one more time read it.

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