Choose the needed classification essay type

Choose the needed classification essay type
On the example of an essay students learn to analyze the text of a literary work, appeal to different styles of speech (artistic, journalistic, scientific and popular, colloquial), and create their own estimates of the written statement. In order to pass this assignment you need to prepare for the exam.
Essay is the kind of creative work, which is proposed as the admission test of the university and at the students? contests, not only in the language and literature, but also of history, economics and foreign languages.

This genre is used in the media in a variety of telecommunication communication. Work related to the characteristics of journalistic and literary text, will not only identify individual speech skills of essay writers, show the aesthetic function of language (observation of the trails, stylistic figures, etc.), but also put into practice the integration of two disciplines - the language and literature .

Numerous varieties of the genre will allow you to refer to the different areas of knowledge about the world. Essay writers are people of diverse interests and professions, critics, historians, literary scholars, critics, writers, philosophers, religious leaders and others.

Genre of essay is allowing the connection between the reader and the writer because the essay is necessarily the dialogue, and, above all, with yourself. You need to choose a correct classification essay type then writing your essay.

Essay (from the French - attempt, test) is a prose work, and a small amount of free composition, which expresses the individual experiences and views on a particular occasion or issue, and certainly not claiming to be a specific or exhaustive treatment of the subject. Typically, the essay suggests a new, subjectively colored word about anything. This style has different imagery, aphoristic and installation on conversational tone and vocabulary.

The main task of an essayist is to make the reader think, awaken in him surprise, independent thought, and, finally, the need for self-expression. So, since the essay was confirmed in a particular genre, it has a pronounced emphasis individual look for a particular item, a phenomenon of nature, the object of speech that describes or experienced writer. It must be remembered that the presence of a particular topic, issue, subject to the essay is not intended to exhaustive interpretation, definitions, statements, and analysis.

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