The best division and classification essay topics

The best division and classification essay topics
What are the most popular division and classification essay topics? Which one to choose in order to write a very interesting essay? One of the most popular and interesting division and classification essay topics concerns our planet. Here is the example of such an essay. It is written on the read text about the pollution of our dear planet.

Humanity is a "genuine illness", a kind of bacteria, which attack the products of its irrepressible life so deeply thought out and well-oiled body - our planet. This issue is very important to the modern world. We destroy it, on which our life depends, as if not understanding and not seeing the inextricable link with nature, our mother.

By comparing our planet with a spaceship in which self-renewing life support system, with pain suggests that people "eat away the entrails," poison the atmosphere of the Earth. So why deliberately withdraw it down? Our task is to become aware of the importance of ecological problems in the understanding that the state of the planet and the fate of humanity depends on the eco-behavior.

Unfortunately, people are ruining their activities and destroy nature. Countless factories and plants with the waste pollute the air, water and soil. In humans rooted purely utilitarian attitude to the land on which they live. We strive to remove the inexhaustible (we think) of wealth from the bowels of the earth, without thinking about the consequences. And they already have! Melting ice, reduced water supplies are disappearing or close to extinction some species.

We forgot about the great aesthetic power that can give us communion with nature. After all, she has always been a source of spiritual powers of man. No wonder all poets admire the beauty of nature, drew inspiration from it.

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