Popular division and classification essay topic

Popular division and classification essay topic
In this article we are glad to present you the example of very popular division and classification essay topic. Very often students get task to write essays on the environmental problems or earth itself. Read our example of such a division and classification essay topic.

The Earth is the outer body, and we are the astronauts carrying a very long flight around the sun, with the sun on the infinite universe. The system of life on our beautiful ship is cleverly arranged so that it is constantly self-renewing and thus provides the opportunity to travel billions of passengers over millions of years.

It is difficult to imagine the astronauts flying on the ship through space, destroy deliberately complex and subtle life-support system for the long flight. But gradually, consistently amazes with irresponsibility we have this life support system put out of action, poisoning the rivers, reducing forests, ruining the oceans. If a small spacecraft astronauts will fussy cut wires, unscrew the screws, drill holes in the hull, it will qualify as a suicide. However, the basic difference in a small ship with a big no. It is the question of dimensions and time.

Humanity, in my opinion - is a kind of disease of the planet. Start, multiply, teem with microscopic to planetary, and even more so in the universal, the scale of being. They congregate in one place, and then appear in the body of the earth deep ulcers and different growths. It is necessary to bring a bit of wicked (in terms of land and nature) culture in the green coat Forests (brigade loggers, one hut, two tractors) - and that certainly applies to the characteristic of the place, symptomatic painful spot. Scurrying, eating entrails, depleting soil fertility and toxic poisoning departure rivers and oceans and the atmosphere of the Earth.

Unfortunately, as vulnerable as the biosphere, just as vulnerable to the pressure of the so-called technological progress are concepts such as silence, solitude and the possibility of intimacy with nature, with the beauty of our land. On the one hand, a person inhuman overdriven rhythm of modern life, crowding, the enormous flow of artificial information unlearn spiritual communication with the outside world, on the other hand, the outside world this is shown in a state that is often not the person to invite spiritual communion with him.

It is not known what the outcome for the planet, this original disease called humanity. Whether the Earth will have time to work out any antidote?
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