Pay attention to classification essays format

Pay attention to classification essays format
One of the basic but very important tips we can give you is to pay attention to classification essays format. We can argue whether it is right or wrong, but even if your essay is perfect but the classification essays format is not, you will never get a positive grade. It teaches you to follow the rules. You can find information about classification essays format in articles of our service or online, but pay attention, that information must be updates as these rules change from time to time.

Also, imagine the situation that you need to write an essay on the read text. Read the text. Find the main clause. If there are a lot of them, pick just one. Convert it to an interrogative. Ask this question to the entire text. If the text answers this question - you found the problem raised by the author in the text. Comment thereupon, explain what the words of the author show that this is exactly the problem that you found.

As a rule, in these texts, it is not the author of the act is done, but a narrator or protagonist of the story. Even if it is a first-person! If the text does not answer this question, we find another important issue. It begins with denominative proposals. (For example, the text on the theme of honor, happiness, childhood, war, etc. The word in your essay topic should not be heard.) For example: The concept of honor ... or: Happiness ... or: Relationships ... etc. Then write down your interrogative sentence and say, "That's the problem affects the author in his text." A colon, open quotes, and write to the author, that you found in step 2 should be small Quote: or 1-2 small suggestions, or just the phrase.

Feel the tone of the text. What and how does the author in the text (make, ironically, regrets, etc.) in relation to precisely the problem that you wrote in the first paragraph. From which words can be seen? You found the author and the author's attitude to the problem.

Write the author's position on the issue: "The author believes (says sadly, ironically, etc. (see section 5)) is (about over) ..." and the very position of the author.
Do you share you the author's position? If Yes (No), with a new line write (preferably synonymous) with which you agree (or disagree), explain why.
First, show an example from the literature or from personal life, where you met the same problem and whether it was solved. If it was not in his personal life, or you do not remember any similar examples, then compose your example on this issue (the one that was in the first paragraph.) Prove that this example clearly expresses your agreement (disagreement) with the author's position on the issue.

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