How to write classification essay sports

How to write classification essay sports
Rules of writing classification essay sports are the same as for writing essays on other topics. And here are the basic rules of writing essays.
Essay is a small prose text from the individual point of view of the author. Essay is not intended to determine or exhaustive treatment of subject. Most essays are a kind of "flow of information" which combines philosophical reflections of the author and his emotions. Although there is a certain freedom of writing classification essay sports, writing in the genre of essay is not easy, because an essay is prized for original ideas (even the traditional themes of disclosure) and a non-standard approach to the problem. Apparent free, composition of essay must be subordinated to the internal logic, but in "a colorful lace," the author's thinking must be seen as the basic idea of essay.

Conventionally all essays can be divided into two large groups:

? personal essay, where the most important is the disclosure of any part of the author's personality (such essay is often written on the entrance exams, or when applying for a job. Often, seeing that the applicant - an outstanding personality has precisely the characteristics that are needed, the commission accepts it, even if the tests do not put them brilliantly;

? objective or "serious" essay. The task of the essay, in contrast to the story, is to inform about the ideas, explanation, persuasion, rather than an image or a retelling of a life situation. Essay reaches its target with speech writers, and typically do not need to create fictional characters and the plot, their binding. However, stories may contain certain elements that are close to the essay: author explanations disclosure history of relations between the characters, the descriptions, both in the individual essays can be found elements of narrative, even the characters.

Essay style is different:
? imagery
? aphoristic
? paradoxical

For transfer of personal perception, perception of the world of essayist:
? attracts numerous examples
? draws parallels
? selects the analogy
? uses all sorts of associations.

For essays it is typical to use many means of artistic expression:
? metaphors
? allegorical and parable images
? symbols
? compare

Essay will look richer and more interesting if it contains:
? unpredictable conclusions
? unexpected turns
? interesting clutch

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