Most popular classification essays typ

Most popular classification essays typ
Work on rough draft is the first stage of writing any classification essays typ. Work must start from scratch. Sometimes students do not know what the draft should look like, and write it as final version of the work: the same tightly written sheet, borderless and icons ? with one difference, it was written carelessly. This draft does not leave room for improving the text, grinding thoughts, gives the opportunity to work creatively. Incorrect (we call them so) drafts are suitable for work compilation character, which, in turn, under repeated form fear self expression. What to do? Sheets draft should be left half empty (wide field!), write only on one side. The fields are needed for making corrections and additions in the rereading and editing of the original text. On the reverse, there is a place for writing citations, examples, specifying the idea, and so on.

It's time to write the final version of any classification essays typ. Here we draw attention to a few points.

Psychological types. People writing essays can be divided into two groups. The first group can write regularly and gradually, and give over and over again-quality text, and maintaining it in the same style of presentation. Representatives of the second group are all long in themselves, the text as it matures. They often give birth to others talk about different topics, for others not quite clear (in fact it is being discussed essay). And then sit down and poured all essays (on paper) to the screen for a day. And that's OK.

Logic. The classification essays typ must have traceable internal logic. It is defined, on the one hand, by the author's approach to the matter, on the other - by the issue. In addition, you should avoid unnecessary transitions from one idea to another, thought to be developed sequentially.

The structure of the text. Entry forms as a result of a critical review of the thesis hypothesis. This can be a favorite aphorism or a group of aphorisms, or someone your own judgment, the assessment of a fact. In the introduction, focuses attention on the problems of an essay, put the key questions. No harm will be in indication of the relevance (relevance to modern society) of problem essay.

The main content of the essay is an analysis of the initial hypothesis of the thesis, which is impossible without seeking objection, formulation of opposing points of view, the paradoxical finding solutions, finding examples of journalism, fiction, from the experience of own life.
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