Interesting classification essays topics

Interesting classification essays topics
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A person must be intelligent. And what if it does not require the intelligence profession? And if he was not able to get an education: there were circumstances? What if the environment did not allow? If intelligence makes him a black sheep among his co-workers, friends, relatives, will just get in the way of its convergence with other people? No, no, no! Intelligence is needed in all circumstances. It is necessary and for others, and for the man himself. And here's why.

Many people think that intelligent person - is one that has read a lot, got a good education (and even for the most humanitarian), traveled widely, speaks several languages. Meanwhile, you can have it all and be unintelligent, and we can not have any of these things to a large extent, and still be internally intelligent person.

Deprive a truly intelligent person all his memory. Let him forget everything in the world, will not know the classics of literature, will not remember the greatest works of art, forget the most important historical events. However, if at the same time it will retain sensitivity to cultural values, aesthetic sense, will tell the real work of art from the rough "gizmo", made only to surprise, if he can admire the beauty of nature and to understand the character and personality of the other person, enter into his situation, and to understand the other person to help him, not show rudeness, indifference, malice, envy, and appreciate each appreciated - that it would be an intelligent man ... Intelligence is very necessary for the life of the person and people around him.

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