Working on classification essays powerpoints

Working on classification essays powerpoints
How to write an essay? How to create classification essays powerpoints?

Essay (Fr. essai - "experience", "sketch") ? is a journalistic genre, which is a reflection on a non-trivial problem, has a free but reasoned intellectual pursuit. Essay suggests personalize the author's position. You are the only creator. The writing in the genre of essay requires not only the author's ability to demonstrate the "body of knowledge", but also to focus on own feelings and emotions.

Essay writing expands your vision of the world. Good essay overcomes unwarranted patterns and stereotypes that many of us are inherent. Since the essay is an attempt on its own and in-depth look into some serious trouble, nothing is contraindicated in this genre, as superficiality.
Work on the essay should be divided into several stages:

1. Choosing a theme and problem
Pay attention to the exact wording of essay topics. Topic-kind condition of the problem, in which, in order to understand, you need to think about it. Topic is usually formulated so that means not one "right" answer, and multiple solutions. Getting a grasp it, the student is in the creative space, which is the theme outlined. When considering a particular topic, try to see and to make one or more problems. This will help you stream consultations on the topics. Detection of the problem and its solution is the main content essays.

2. Selection of material
Once the theme is clear and presents the problem of the essay, you need to spend time gathering material - books, articles, Internet resources - and its analysis. Useful in the free form write down all that you may need in an essay: concepts, controversies, associations, quotations, aphorisms, examples, abstracts, opinions, arguments, names and events. In short, "let myself go" write down what seems necessary, interesting, and relevant to the topic. There is a grain of truth in the statement: "Writing is not in the head but in the fingertips."

On the next stage turn to creating classification essays powerpoints. Do it when the main material is gathered.
Remember that the essay is evaluated not so much by your attitude to the problem as by your ability to argue. And most importantly, it is evaluated by the independence and originality of thought.

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