Analytical Essay

Analytical Essay
Analytical Essay The construction last year of a shopping mall in downtown Oak City was a
mistake. Since the mall has opened, a number of local businesses have closed, and the
downtown area suffers from an acute parking shortage and arrests for crime and vagrancy
have increased in nearby Oak City Park. Elm City should pay attention to the example of
the Oak City Mall and deny the application to build a shopping mall in Elm City.
Analyzing this argument brings up a lot of questions to whether this is a relevant
argument or not. A lot of assumptions are made on not enough facts to support them. It
can be said that the mall could have directly or indirectly been a part of the problems.
The problems are: Increase in crime and vagrancy, businesses closing, and a parking
shortage. It is not logical to say that it is sole cause of the situation.
This argument states that the building of the mall is the reason that some
businesses have went out of business. To say that the mall and the closes of the
businesses go hand in hand is not totally accurate.
There are a number of reasons that could have led to the closing of the businesses.
For one example, you could say that a change in the economy might have led to the
closures. If this occurred after the holidays, it could say that people spent most of their
money during this time and it could have hurt some businesses beyond the point of
repair. Also, this argument doesn?t state what kinds of businesses had troubles. If it was
something as in a grocery store, the mall could not be the cause because the mall doesn?t
interfere directly with the food industry.
Also, a majority of small businesses succumb to larger ones. This area is not
exempt to the possibilities that this is what could have happened. This argument does not
state if mergers of smaller companies related to the statement.
The argument tries to tie together that a parking shortage was caused by the Oak
City Mall. While in turn the mall would bring increased foot traffic, it would also bring
along more commerce to the city, thus businesses should not have struggled as previously
mentioned. A number of factors could have added to the parking shortage. With most
communities now, population increases every year. Some years the population jumps
dramatically. This directly relates to the parking problem. With more population, comes
more cars, which leads to more parking needed.
In addition, the argument also says that crime and vagrancy has increased due to
the creation of the shopping center. Regarding the statement in the previous paragraph,
population growth brings problems to some locations. Crime for the most part depends
on population. Crime grows as population grows and so on. Vagrancy can not really even
be said to be related to the mall. With the mall brings new jobs and opportunities, not less
work and housing. The Vagrancy increase could be because law officers have cracked
down on vagrancy as a whole. If no real statistic was shown before this argument was
made, there in no way to say if this is even a pressing issue.
To actually use this argument to make a point as it sits is difficult. To make the
issues relate to the argument, you need a lot of additional facts and figures. A census
should have been compared to the mall, before and after its erection. And to also try to
relate this argument to a completely different city is unrealistic. Every city differs and has
its own problems and issues to deal with. An argument like this cannot honestly be taking
at full worth. The topography of the two towns can be completely different.
In conclusion, the report makes good assumptions to what possibly could have in
a mall is built in Elm City, but these are only assumptions and no guarantees can
coincide with them.

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