Analytical Essay: Riddle Of Inequality

Analytical Essay: Riddle Of Inequality
The riddle of inequality, as Tillich explains, "?Cannot be solved." This inequality is the divider of people, of the have?s and have-nots. It seems that this riddle has confused people since the beginning of time and was even discussed in the bible. People always wonder why some have more than others do; they wonder why this happens and how it can change. I believe that this riddle is natural and cannot be changed despite he best efforts of people.

Tillich attributes this mystery of have?s and have-nots to many factors. First is that if you were granted with inherited talents then you should use them in life to the best of your ability. But if you let them go to waste, then these talents will ultimately be taken away. It is unfair when things are taken away that we might have taken for granted due to lack of attention, such as, "?[the] intense joy and the presence of the mystery of life through the freshness of the young day or the glory of the dying day?" These things are only taken away because we do not pay enough attention to the simple beauty in life and in nature. Although all of these are examples of inequality, I do not agree with Tillich when he claims that this is due to the presence of the divine, by the choice of God. I believe inequality comes from ourselves. We may embrace, or else let it slip away. It is through our lack of conscientiousness that life becomes unequal.
I attribute the basic inequalities in nature as an effect of true nature, almost as far as survival of the fittest. Inequality is unfair but it is an aspect of life that people must deal with without an answer, without justification. When looking to God or any religious aspect for an answer you can only possibly answer the question yourself. When you pray or ask God a question you propose this question clearly to yourself. When you finally find an answer or solution it is not through the light of God, but through yourself and through your own learning and understanding of the world.

As humans we have to remember that we are apart of nature, apart of the big picture. In nature one must die so that the other may live, one must be defeated so the other may win. Equality is never possible in a natural cycle, and the only way to understand inequality is to understand that there is no one thing responsible for anything, and there is no one thing to give you answers

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