Analysis of the Film All Quiet on the Western Front

Analysis of the Film All Quiet on the Western Front
Analysis of the Film All Quiet on the Western Front

I decided to write this analytical review on the film All Quiet on the Western Front.

My decision was made when I saw it as a suggested reading because I have heard about the

movie many times, yet, I?ve never seen it. I actually am happy I never had, because I believe I

was able to get much more appreciation out of the movie because I am studying it?s topic in this

As I began the movie, I could not figure out if the movie was comedic or not. The way

the movie was filmed, as well as the acting, absolutely floored me. I regretted picking this

movie, and figured that I was in for a long 2 hours. Things did get better from there. I realized

that this movie did have some humor, but only to make a grim subject bearable. This film was

great at showing people what the soldiers in the war went through.

This movie was not to show the strategies of World War I, or why or how one side or the

other won or lost. This was made to show what the soldiers went through, physically, but

especially emotionally. While this movie focused on the German soldiers, there were points in

the movie that led the viewer to believe that the case would be true for the other side too. For

example, when the group of German soldiers were trying to figure out why they were fighting.

Nobody in the group knew the answer. The soldiers did state that the same is possibly thru for

the soldiers they are fighting against. By the end of the conversation, the group realized that they

are being used as pawns to fight other pawns. Neither side was fighting for their own good, the

soldiers were just fighting so they don?t die. The soldiers decided that the officials who started

the war should be the ones fighting each other, and the rest of the people should be able to stay

out of it.

As the movie began, I could not figure out what side the soldiers were fighting for. This

bothered me, I believed at first that the movie was made poorly, and should have made a point as

to which side we were covering. Shortly after that, I realized that it did not matter which side the

soldiers were fighting for. I did know by this time that they were German, but it was more

important that I knew that it did not matter, rather that I knew that the same situations were

happening on the other side. The movie ended without knowing who won or lost the war,

because that was not important to the plot of the movie.

This movie was filmed in 1930. I am surprised that it had such great reviews and was so

popular. This view stems from my idea that the war was still a touchy subject. When this was

filmed, the war had not ended too long ago. People directly related to this war were still living,

and would be the ones who would be the viewing population. I would have thought that most

people back then would not like this movie because the ?wounds were still too fresh?. I can

understand why today it is a known movie, because it can show people living today what the war

was like. I believe that it is this type of movie that can show closely what the war was like.

People directly involved can give their accounts as to what happened. I believe that movies like

Saving Private Ryan, while a good movie, was made so long after the situation occurred, the

movie allows possible misconceptions that were made in the 60 years between the actual war

and the making of the movie. The writers, director, and actors were not around for the war. The

only information they have is what others told them happened. So, they acted the way they were

told to act, portraying a story they have only heard about. In the case of All Quiet on the

Western Front, the actors, directors and writers had first hand knowledge of the war. This first

hand knowledge is important, especially for this movie because All Quiet on the Western Front

does not pride itself on facts of war strategies, rather, on how those involved felt about the

fighting, and if they believed in fighting for this cause.

Most of the complaints I first had about the movie, the acting, the quality, and the way the

information was portrayed in the movie, must all be revoked on my part. If not for these aspects

of the movie, the movie could not make its point the way it did. The way the movie was made

adds to the points it was trying to make. These aspects kept reminding me that this movie was

made 70 years ago, I got a much better appreciation knowing how old this movie is. If this

movie was made today with the same exact script, the appreciation would be much less, and the

ideas that you carry with you after the movie may not have been that strong.

Analysis of the Film All Quiet on the Western Front 9.7 of 10 on the basis of 4195 Review.