Analyzing "Of Mice and Men"

Analyzing "Of Mice and Men"
A major theme in Steinbeck? Of Mice and Men, is the search for an American dream, in spite of the daily hardships of reality that face the characters, which are of the lower working class set in 1930s Great Depression.

The first characters introduced in the novel immediately show an established dream that they are striving towards. George and Lennie hope that they will settle onto a plot of land, with their own ranch, own house, and have many animals from . The reality is far more different.
Throughout the novel, Steinbeck offers clues that lead the reader to believe that the dream will be fulfilled. Candy joins George and Lennie ? Candy believes that the dream is so possible, that he offers $300 towards it. Soon after, even skeptic characters such as Crooks begin to believe the dream of theirs is a possibility, Crooks also hopes to join. ?I?ve never seen a guy really do it?
Candy and Crook?s desire to join George and Lennie cause the reader to think that these characters might actually succeed in fulfilling their dream. The dream of owning a ranch ultimately fails due to Lennie?s inability to control his actions; he cannot stay out of trouble, and in order to prevent a cruel death to Lennie, George euthanises him, in hope that the dream will be more achievable without the struggles of Lennie?s mental disorder.

Curley?s wife also had a dream. She wished to become a Hollywood actress and escape her life. However, the dream was crushed when her mother refused her permission to leave and follow an acting carreer. The prolific movie director that promised Curley?s wife a spot in the Hollywood race never returned any mail. Curley?s wife tells Lennie that ?I never did get them letters?. She believed her mother had kept the letters from her.

However, the dreams in Of Mice and Men do not have to be shown as futile. Despite the fact that the dreams some are aspiring towards may not be a reality, dreams can prove to be a large motivator in the problems that many faced in the times then. For George and Lennie, their dream gave them hope, kept them together, and gives George an ?excuse? for moral behavior ? saving up the money for their future instead of having it all lost in a ?whore house?.
For Curley?s wife, her dream?s failure gave her the motivation that made her sought after freedom from Curley. She wishes to break the gender role and establish a sense of independence and self control, she almost seems that she seeks revenge against Curley, because of how far he had brought her down.

Dreams are a very important aspect in life. They are the motivator, and the bright side to the struggles we may face.

As the novel concludes, no one?s dream is accomplished
Perhaps the death of Lennie will motivate George to fulfill their original dream.

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