Critique for ??To Live??

Critique for ??To Live??
?To Live¡? is a great movie that shows the lives of an ordinary family through a couple of generations. The characters seem real and are well developed. The audience can fully see through their viewpoints. Not only does the movie portray the hardships and struggles of the family through their experiences, it shows the happy times in between as well. In the end, you care for the family so much that you can¡¯t take your eyes off the screen even for a second.
Though much of the pain felt by the characters was real, many parts of the movie prey upon the audiences¡¯ emotions. The movie gives a biased point of view, leaving no analytical room for the audience. However, ¡?To Live¡? still gives a lot of background information about the Republic of China and Mao Zedong at the time. All the while, it shows a behind the scenes look of the ¡?little people.¡?
The movie shows how people learn through mistakes and their experiences. Fugui learned that his addiction to gambling led him nowhere and lost him everything. Jiazhen learned the value of forgiveness, amending things with Chenshung, the man who killed her son. Both learn to cherish their lives, the lives of their family, and what little they had. They remain optimistic about the future yet don¡¯t forget about the past and continue to live the present.
There was a great sense of family in this movie. The members of the family try to stay as united as possible. Everyone looks out for the others and takes care of them. The undying love between Fugui and Jiazhen is especially strong, prevailing even through the greatest struggles. Through these struggles, they learn how to sacrifice for each other, for their family, and for what really matters. With their perils, the family comes out with strong wills and powerful moral values.

Critique for ??To Live?? 8.3 of 10 on the basis of 1566 Review.