Capitalist/Democratic person

Capitalist/Democratic person
The ideal American would posses qualities shared by the democratic and capitalistic ideologies. In fact to be truly effective these two should be intertwined. Unfortunately, most do not posses these traits collectively, and oftentimes people do not have any at all. In this paper though, I shall step from reality and attempt to describe the ideal democratic/capitalistic person.
The most important quality, and usually the most neglected, is having the ability to think. One must have analytical skills when dealing with problematic situations. Furthermore, having the ability to make inferences and deductions aids the individual in a valuable thinking process. With this intact the person will have the ability to make decisions when needed. In government decision-making is evident in all aspects. Such elected officials are included within my generalization that thinking is one of the most neglected characteristics in becoming an ideal democratic/capitalistic person.
Thinking requires an essential factor, motivation. Lack of motivation is the primary culprit for many of peoples? failures. An inner-drive is absolutely necessary for any type of person, but especially the one I am describing. This allows the individual to seek out opportunities, follow-up on their endeavors, and to be quite valuable in many situations. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be taught, rather it?s something that can only be encouraged. Herein lies the difficulty of gaining this attribute. In my opinion, this shouldn?t be a problem for their should be ample motivation available. The sheer satisfaction of success should be enough, but it is not. It is very sad that this is the truth.
Language and communication coincide with thinking abilities. Being a good orator allows an individual to organize their well-thought ideas, and be able to present this fully. An ideal democratic/capitalist person should prioritize speaking and oration skills to accomplish the previous statement. With this they will be able to obtain persuasion powers, as well as the ability to debate. Both of which are extremely beneficial to such a person.
It is unlikely that the nation as a whole will contain people who have the qualities I have discussed. However, it is fair to say that this should be a precedent that we as Americans can shoot for to better or society, economy, etc. If we at least try to obtain a uptopian-like society, the results would be very advantageous.

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