The Importance of Family in Defining a Sense of Belonging in Jane Harrison's Stolen

The Importance of Family in Defining a Sense of Belonging in Jane Harrison's Stolen
All of the children, Ruby, Jimmy, Shirley, Sandy and Anne had very little idea of where they belonged. They were all taken away from their parents at a very young age and had no idea, about who their mum was, where they lived, and what their parents looked like and why they had to be taken away from their original parents.
Ruby was taken at a very young age and doesn?t remember what her mum looked like. She really wants to meet her mum and know where she belonged the people at the Institution look nothing like her and has different coloured skin to her. Ruby did what she was told even though she might not have wanted to do some of the things. If Ruby was with her mother she wouldn?t be told to wash, shop, iron, clean and be treated like she was a slave.
Jimmy is a lot like Ruby because he was taken away at a very young age and when he said ?I wanna to go home? the Matron said ?Quiet!? Jimmy then replies and says ?When?s my mum gunna come for me?? Matron ?Your mother?s not coming. She?s dead.? Jimmy didn?t believe them. He had faith that his mum was still alive and just wasn?t been told the truth by the people at the Institution. At the pub someone recognized Jimmy and was telling him that she was alive. The man was a bit drunk from drinking a lot of alcohol but he was telling the truth. Jimmy was messed around with so much that he didn?t know who to go to when he had something to talk about and would understand what he meant. He had no idea where his home town was, who is mum was or anything about his past. He was lead to believe thing when none of it was true. Jimmy ended up thinking that his whole life was a lie and decided to commit suicide to end all of his problems.
Shirley was taken as a child and now that she is an adult and a parent of a child that was taken she has found that she is very sad and wants to have her child back with her. She wants to show Kate and Lionel how to cope in life and be able to handle good and bad thing life throws at them. She would be able to show them traditions that came from thousands of generations ago and then they would be able to continue passing them down.
At the time where Sandy was taken away his mum was there telling Sandy to run away so the people at the Institution couldn?t take him away but they did. Sandy doesn?t think he has a place called home anymore because now he has lost his real home he doesn?t know where he has to go to find it.
Anne was also very young when she got taken away. Her real family was black and was adopted by a white family and was later told by them that she was actually black and looked different to what her adopted parents do. When they told her she was thinking why she wasn?t told this earlier.
If all of these children were left to live with their real parents they would end up like totally different people. Ruby would not have a mental breakdown. Jimmy wouldn?t have committed suicide. Anne ended up having two families and learning that no matter what the colour of your skin is, it?s the person on the inside that counts. Shirley would be able to connect with her child and her grandchild a lot easier. Sandy would be still living with his mother and collecting eggs from the chickens. Everything would be the way it should be, parents looking after their own children and teaching them beliefs and how life should be spent.

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Selection of Form: My analytical / Investigation piece is explaining how kinship and family are important to know where you belong.

Intention of the piece: The purpose of my response to the text Stolen by Jane Harrison was to inform people that they need to know that it would be very hard to cope with life if you were stolen or had someone you knew that was in the stolen generation. All Australians and other people around the world would realize how bad it would be if they were put in their situation. It would be a very scary life without your mother because in a family the main person that most people look up to and learn from is the mother.

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