Incomplete Short Story

Incomplete Short Story
The enchanted moon consumed the sky on that dark June night. Despite the summer heat which had filled the day, the evening had gradually become cool, leaving the Californian horizon of buildings silhouetted against the brilliant night sky. Michael Jamieson came out of Castle Gate. Michael was a short, greying suave entrepreneur with an extreme air of elegance. Michael was the ceo of lvmh, where he had worked for the past twenty years, determined every single day. There had been a training event at Castle Gate for the employees of the new Californian store, where it had been vital for him to attend, it had been a gruelling day, with one problem after another, but finally the nightmare was over. Michael needed to get home, there had been an increasing number of announcements of forest fires, and his route home was through the forest. He walked through the car park, with a fast pace, his Dior Leather Penny Loafers crunching the gravel beneath his feet, past a Ford Fiesta still concealed in the car park. As soon as he noticed the car, he experienced a sharp pain and then darkness.
I awoke from the sound of a TV proclaiming noisily the sounds from a documentary on bats. I was in a dim and dingy room, with no source of light except from the 48" flat screen, giving the room a greenly hue. There was a harsh draught, coming from behind me, which left goose pimples down my arms. I was on a chair, hands tied by rope behind my back, causing a searing sting in my shoulders, legs tied to the chair legs. My analytical senses going into overdrive, I realised not to shout for help, for I was being held captive! Chaffing the skin on my ankles, I began to try to loosen the ropes in vain, and then I felt the warmth of blood dripping down to my heel. My energy started fading, so I stopped. I suddenly heard a herd of footsteps booming from behind me, with a spine-tingling laugh which seemed to sound like a harp echoing, followed by a sharp ?thwack!? as if a string had suddenly broken. I heard a snap as the door behind my back opened and a ?click click? sound erupted into the room as a pair of heels came towards me, judging from the sound I realised the door was quite distant from me. My heart started pounding harder and faster, until it resonated in my ears, and possibly the room.
?Hello Michael? the voice was familiar, but buried deep in my mind and the beholder of the face had not appeared in front of me yet. A pale perfectly manicured hand with ruby red nails came on to my shoulder, and from that I felt my brain being shred apart to wrench out her name. ?It?s been a long time since we last met, hasn?t it? How have you been?? She was on the side of me now but I was too scared to move my neck to face her, in case my face touched her hand. Her voice had always been strange, she had a way to make every sentence into a question, what was more bizarre was the way she moved her mouth when she did speak, it was as if she nibbling the side of her mouth. As my thoughts were on this and I wasn?t facing her, I didn?t realise her anger starting to spill out because of my silence, until I heard a sharp small squeal. This caused me to turn my head, and as I did I felt the shot of electricity go through my spine, as it always had. Her face seemed like a red balloon on the 4th of July, eyes glaring, her shoulders hunched in a way of a Neanderthal looming over me, her hand on an hourglass hip and foot tapping away, waiting for my response. Since the moment I had awoken, after being captured, I hadn?t felt afraid until now. It was a moment?s lapse, she was completely composed a second later, the same way I collected myself. There was an uncanny silence, I could hear machines whirring now, something my mind had probably not detected. My mind started filtering through my memories to the time, that my now captor and I, had been close friends, when I had gone to dinner parties, fashion runways and long holidays in Europe with her.
?Can?t we get over our differences, Tamesis?? I asked, for I truly wanted my great friendship back. There was once again that lightning strike in her eyes and a rain drop fell from those blues eyes.
?You call what you did to my sister a difference??

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