Theme of Isolation in Dekker's Blink and Taylor's Julie

Theme of Isolation in Dekker's Blink and Taylor's Julie
Many people experience isolation throughout their lives. Isolation is withdrawal from society or feeling of being disconnected from a certain group. Why is there isolation? What causes isolation? What might it lead to? There are various factors that can lead to isolation. People can be easily isolated by their knowledge, background or by their differences. There are effects that can also occur due to isolation. There are a lot of questions regarding isolation and alienation. There are literatures and novels relating to this issue such as Blink and Julie.
Blink is written by a famous author named Ted Dekker. The main theme of the book is about romance between two isolated characters. University student Seth Border, who is well known for his intelligence, falls in love with the princess of Saudi Arabia, Miriam Fahd. Seth develops the ability to predict the future as he come across Miriam. It is ironic that his name, Seth, means appointed or to be chosen (Origin and Meaning of the name Seth). He is given extremely high intelligence and is chosen to have supernatural power which eventually leads to isolation. As for Miriam, she escapes from Saudi Arabia, because she could not adapt to the environment and treatment of women in her society. She decides to go to United States for freedom. However, she feels more isolated in United States because she did not know anyone there. This is when she meets her destiny, Seth Border.
Julie is one of brilliant novels written by well-known Canadian author Cora Taylor. Julie Morgan is the main character of this novel. She also has the ability to predict the future just like Seth. The difference between them is that she has this ability since birth. She is very emotional and sensitive. Her timidity causes isolation in her life. She believes that things she dreams about is true, however, her family think she is just too creative. She becomes doubtful and withdraws herself from society.
Julie and Blink have a lot of things in common. Both involve characters with special ability to predict the future. Julie Morgan and Seth Border they are both very smart. For this reason, they are isolated. Julie and Seth have problem adapting to their environment which is another factor that has isolated them. They both go through unbearable pain, betrayal and other family problems. This eventually causes them to isolate themselves. On the other hand, Miriam, Seth?s lover, experiences alienation because of her ethnic group. Her beliefs are different from most American?s beliefs. There are number of arguments between Miriam and Seth regarding this issue. They argue about the truth of religion. Miriam, experiencing isolation, does not like the fact Seth discuss religion with her.
What does it mean to be isolated? There are two main types of phobias. Phobia is a strong, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, or persons (Phobia). One of them is social phobia which also is known as social anxiety. Social anxiety means to be avoidant to the society with lack of self-sufficiency and unassertiveness (Goldstein 25). The other type of phobia is called Agoraphobia. This is the fear of public places, it can make people afraid to go to restaurants, grocery stores, or malls (Stewart 11). Julie Morgan is an example of a person with social phobia. ?The feeling she had inside, of not being able to breathe, of choking, whenever she thought of those children. Pushing, shoving?crowding in on her. But most of all she was afraid? (Taylor 49). Miriam feels very naked when she took of her abaaya which is a black dress for women in Saudi Arabia. A quote in Blink states, ?She faced the mirror. Her image stared back, face ashen, arms and neck bare?She was naked!? (Dekker 75). Although she is wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, she still has the fear of exiting the washroom and entering the outside world where no one was wearing abaaya. This can be an example of being agoraphobia.
Intelligence quotient, a test to measure intelligence, was first created by Sir Francis Galton in 1863 (Intelligence Quotient). Intelligence quotient is the ratio of tested mental age to chronological age, usually expressed as a quotient multiplied by a hundred (IQ). IQ measures the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new situations such as mental cuteness, logic and analytical skills (Dunn). There are different levels of ntelligence. Low intelligence can cause isolation due to disability but high intelligence can also cause isolation. People with IQ lower than seventy are considered to be mentally retarded. People with lower intelligence such as these have difficulties bonding with society. Why are people with high intelligence isolated? Generally, people with IQ score 135 and over are considered to be geniuses. They are isolated because there are only approximately 1% of people with these IQ scores which makes them harder to communicate with average people and mix in (Estimated IQs of some of the Greatest Geniuses). Seth Border, from the novel Blink, had IQ of 193 which he claims that it is the reason he feels ?lonely because he feels oddly disconnected? (Dekker 10). Julie, according to Miss Lundgren the librarian, at the age of eight reads ?voraciously which is very unusual for her age? (Taylor 78). For these two characters, isolation started from their incredibly high intelligence that made them different for all the other people.
Another factor that might affect one to be isolated is their background. Their unspeakable past, family history or betrayal can also lead to withdrawal from society. Seth, for example, is raised from abusive parents who then eventually leave him behind all by himself. Not all children are influenced to the same degree by their families (Family Influence). But Seth loses confidence, self-esteem and trust in result of the treatment he received from his parents. Julie feels isolated from her family because nobody believes her ridiculous stories, but her brother Billy Morgan was supportive and encouraging. Billy, the only one who Julie can rely on, breaks her heart and advises her that ?everyone?s going to make fun of [her] if [she] keeps saying things like that and act like [she] believes them. They?ll think [she?s] not normal? (Taylor 13). This causes a greater change in her personality. Billy?s betrayal makes her more alienated and because of this ?she spent more and more time alone in the bush and fields of the Morgan farm? (Taylor 23). According to the theory of a researcher by the name of Yifat Paz, ?Early memories, until about age 7 or 8, contribute to the making of one?s personality? (Memories of youth). Alcoholic parents are very unpredictable. They can be tender and affectionate but once they drink, they can act violently towards their children. When one cannot anticipate what to expect from parents, insecurity and anxiety result (Goldstein 17). Seth was threatened by separation from parent. Eventually, his mom leaves his father because he was alcoholic. Seth and Julie both experience painful past. Their past makes them lose faith in people and make them more cautious towards society. They ultimately feel better off alone.
The most important factor that made Julie and Seth isolated is that they are different from average people. Difference is the quality or condition of being unlike or dissimilar (Difference). They have the ability to predict the future while average people had no knowledge of what will happen in the future. Seth is captured by the police and forced to work for norad which then he ?insists on working alone.? (Dekker 279). Even after the capture due to his special ability, he still isolates himself by asking to work alone. Differences include ethnic group and religion. Miriam, being the only Saudi Arabian in America, feels very lonely and excluded. There are many people in the world that goes through racism and discrimination due to their race. Unfortunately, educational institutions also foster racism, and anti-Black racism has been, and continues to be a central factor in Canada?s public education system (Anti-Black Racism in Canada). There are also murder cases based on religious discrimination. The Columbine High School massacre occurred on Tuesday, April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Colorado. Two teenage students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, carried out a shooting rampage, killing 12 fellow students and a teacher, as well as wounding 24 others, before committing suicide. Several of the victims who were believed to have been killed for their religious beliefs became a source of inspiration to others, notably Christians, and led some to lament the decline of religion in public education and society in general (Columbine High School Massacre).
There are causes that can lead isolation. Isolation can lead to specific effects. These effects can be prevented or treated. One way is to confront fears. They may seek professional help from a therapist. When people face their phobias, they usuallly learn that there is no real basis for fear (Stewart 32). Otherwise, they can take antidepressants that can sometimes help people with agoraphobia lead more social, happy lives (Stewart 38).
To cut a long story short, many people experience isolation throughout their life. Nobody chooses to be isolated. There are various factors that can lead a person to be isolated. These factors include: knowledge, background and differences. Knowledge involves IQ, EQ and people?s ability to adapt to their environment. As for background, this incorporates family history, past and also betrayal. Difference does not necessarily have to be physical. It can be a racial issue but it can also be based on their religion. There are strings attached to everything. Isolation comes with some effects, too. The two types of indicators are social phobia and agoraphobia. They can be easily solved by therapy or medication. Were the characters in Blink and Julie better off isolated? That is just up for debate. Seth, Miriam and Julie all overcome their fear and isolation in the end by confronting it. It is not indicated in the novel whether it was a happily ever after. It is up for the reader?s decision.

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