Letter To Gillian

Letter To Gillian
How is your life progressing these days? I know that you may be surprised to hear from me because I know that I always here. I just got overwhelmed with work and the organization, so i arrived home late and never called you to tell you that i was coming home late.
It started when I had just finished work and a group of strange men approached me at the parking lot of the police station; these men were different from the other folks in town, these men were very strange they wore white clothing. Another man had leaped out of the darkness of the parking lot and had the pointiest white hat I had ever seen in my life. The man in the white pointy hat approached me with slow steps in which making the shadows make strange noises and he appeared in front of my face. The man in the white cloak had told me to join his organization or perish like the other who had not joined his Klan.
The next day after work these men came back, but with an attitude in which was different the last time I had encountered; these heartless fools, they had a cross which was burnt and so all of these men were gathering around it and dancing and chanting words such as no niggers in Jessup county? and other words which were very harsh and racist. I had approached these men but little did I know the leader had wanted to speak with me; so I spoke with him and he had told me to join the Klan once again and I joined the Klan. The leader had told the other men to burn out the cross because I had joined their Klan. Once I joined the Klan I didn?t know that I wasn?t making a mistake and from the knowledge of the town?s people these men aren?t what they seem to be; they kill anyone who are not Anglo Saxon. The leader of the Klan had assigned me missions every day in which I had to complete or else there will be consequences suffered for not completing the missions given, the consequences can vary such as cutting the arm or leg .These inhuman wild beast have my mind controlled; making me a puppet to the Klan so therefore making me easy to control because I will do anything for my brothers. I am very powerless to tell the mayor any details about this ordeal because if the Klan found out I told the mayor or someone I would suffer consequences.
The leader had called me and had a special assignment for me to do. The missions was quite simple really; to arrest the three civil rights workers and hold them prisoners in the local jail till 10:00pm, when it was time to release them from jail; the Klan would slaughter these innocent boys for no reason ,simply because the white boy is on the same side as the African American boy. I was ordered to also pull over these boys while the Klan members shoot them down whilst I just stand there and witness the whole ordeal without telling the mayor any details whatsoever or anyone else.
The boys were on the road and everyone was on the chase for these boys; consequently the order was for me to ring my siren at the boys and pull them over so i did. Once I pulled them over the Klan did the rest of the dirty work. When the Klan had killed the boys they were holding them by the legs one by one, they had somewhat buried the boys in the lake and went about their duties as usually. I had witnessed what had happened; I didn?t tell anyone what happened because if I did I will go to jail within holding evidence to these civil rights workers. I was guilty of many things: one for shooting my own kind, for planning the tremendous murder, a further more reason of having insight and information about the murder and witnessing the whole event and also know why they did it for.
Now, it is five years later, and today is my release date from jail. The day in which I can have my own freedom: I am free to go where ever I want, it has been five long years since we last spoke; I am remember the last time we spoke I was screaming at you because you had been spending time with Anderson. I only did this because I felt as if you were pushing me away slowly and as if I didn?t exist. That day was kind of hazy but I still remember that day where you kiss Anderson and I was furious so I screamed at you and left the house. I remember when I came back home and I trashed our whole house because I was still angry at you for kissing another men but it was not your fault at all it was all be since I started working late hours and going out late I left you all alone. Anderson was always there for you and I don?t blame you; I blame myself for what has happened in town and to you. In these past five I have my five senses are back and there are: sight, smell, touch, hear and feel. These five senses help me with everyday of my life and i have changed a lot since you last met me; I have no hatred whatsoever towards people who are not of Anglo Saxon.
I have a learnt a lot past through these past five years and what i can say that i have learn is that to be patience with people because if you screw the state of the relationship with a person you can always fix it since at the end of the day you will realise that you are alone with no one; there are six billion,seven hundered and ninty million, sixty two thousand and two hundered and sixteen people in the world but you only need one. I have also learnt that not be so racist because that will lead to nowhere and it will result in people hating your guts just for the reason for hating a race. I have learnt that being angry and taking it out on people is not the way to be: I have done that to you and i have learnt that i should not do that ever again.

So my dear sweetheart, we come to my letter, I realize, now, that I should have shared these events of that terrible day with you. It was unfair of me to exclude you from my own personal tragedy. Hopefully you will understand why I chose to protect from such vile knowledge. Until time has passed, somethings are just too painful to share or to know.
Anyway, Gillian, I will end my letter here and I hope that we will be able to talk soon.
Your husband,

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