Grandma's House

Grandma's House
Joey and Mary Alice Dowdel had to go to their grandma?s for the summer.Down there is a place called The Coffee Pot Cafe where people go to swap gossip and tall talk. Joey and Mary Alice went there to hear what people were talking about. They heard people talking about a guy named Shotgun Cheatham. When they went back to there grandma?s house they asked her who Shotgun Cheatham was and she replied with, ?Just a poor smelly man who got his name from accidently killing a cow as a young boy but he?s dead now.? Later on a reporter that was going door to door was at grandma?s front door to ask her if she knew how Shotgun Cheatham got his name and she lied saying, ?He got his name in the war from U.S Grant.? She also told the reporter that Shotgun was poor and never married. Grandma told the reporter to go down to the Coffee Pot Cafe and tell people that its going to be Shotgun?s last night above ground and that they?re invited. It was like Open House. Later on Shotgun was in her front room in a coffin. The people from the Coffee Pot Cafe were fully engaged for the rest of the summer.
Ch. 2 ?The mouse in the milk? 1930
Joey and Mary Alice had to go back to there Grandma?s house this summer even though they don?t want to because of the year before. They had no choice so to keep them occupied Mary-Alice brought her jump rope and Joey brought a puzzle.

One evening it was very quiet until a loud explosion approached. Someone blew up Grandma?s mailbox. The next morning joey woke up to the smell of breakfast and then Effie Wilcox came to visit. She told Grandma that someone blew her mailbox to bits. Grandma then thought it must be the Cowgill boys damaging peoples mailboxes like that.

The next morning, a large boy was at the front door delivering the milk and so to get back at him she decides to say she found a mouse in the milk he delivered the other day but of course she was making it up. Grandma also told the boy that basically Joey was tough and for him not to mess with him. She also made up another whopper about her taking her grandkids to see her cousin Leota Shrewsbury that night and for him not to deliver milk tomorrow. He then left and grandma put a mouse in the milk he just delivered.

That night they turned off the lights and then there was a loud noise and it was the Cowgill boys breaking in to steal the gun that used to belong to grandpa. Grandma knew that they would break in and so thats why she was holding the gun that morning, as bait. she knew they?d try to steal it. They still didn?t know that GRandma lied about them going way until she threw a cherry bomb which it exploded right under their feet. Grandma told Joey to go down to the church to get Effie and he did. Then they came back and the Cowgill boys were in trouble about the breaking in and the mouse in the milk.

Ch.3 ?A One Woman Crime Wave?-1931
This chapter begins with the Great Depression. As Joey and Mary-Alice ride the train into town they notice men looking for employment. The sheriff tries to run the the men out of town with little success. When Mary-Alice tries to go out to the outhouse she?s too scared too because of the tom-cat that grandma has. She?s afraid of it jumping out at her. Mary-Alice tells grandma there?s a bad smell coming from the cobhouse but grandma says it just cheese.

The next morning, Grandma was at the foot of the stairs banging a spoon on a pan. She told Joey and Mary-Alice they were going fishing. They finally came to a barbed-wired fence that said, ?No trespassing, No Fishing.? Grandma told them to lift up the wire so she could get under. Then Mary Alice went under and soon Joey. When they finished their amazing fishing time, it was no later than 8:00.Soon they heard singing. Grandma told them that was O.B. Dickerson the sheriff. He soon saw them and shouted, ?Stop in the name of law!??That my boat!? THey got out of the boat when they were out of sight and climbed a bluff. They came upon a house that Aunt Puss Chapman lived in. Grandma worked for her. At breakfast Aunt Chapman asked them if they caught the fish, what they used for bait and if they get whipped at school if they misbehaved. Aunt Puss Chapman said grandma would always get whipped. ?Tell them why.? said Aunt Puss Chapman. Grandma said she forgot. Grandma said she was going down to the sty to slop the hogs. they were walking home until they saw men and the sheriff running to them and grandma told them not to tell on her and they actually weren?t going to so they continued to walk home under a silver-dollar moon.

Ch.4 ?The Day of Judgment?-1932
The children have to go to their grandma?s house again this summer knowing there?d be adventure. Grandma was picking gooseberries when they arrived and so they helped her with it. Soon Mrs. Weidenbach, a neighbor told grandma that the community needs her to submit her famous gooseberry pie so that someone local can win at the county fair.

Grandma agrees and then Weidenbach leaves. then serious baking begins. Joey is sent to town to get sugar, lard and flour. Grandma bakes many gooseberry pies. Soon the day of judgment came and grandma won. The only reason why she won is because she switched her pie with Mr. Pennypacker?s pie.

Ch.5 ?The Phantom Brakeman?-1933
This year Joey and Mary-Alice are ages 11 and 13. Their dad gave them 25 cents each to buy their favorite drink, Nehi reminded them of chicago. Mary-Alice is wrapped up in tap dancing because of Shirley Temple and all the other dancers. When they were buying their drinks Mary-Alice start talking to a waitress, very thin and pale like a ghost. A woman pulled up to the store. She looked tough and hard, and demanded the wages her daughter earned.

After supper Grandma and Joey worked through what she called cool evening. They took turns stirring the witches? brew as darkness crawled across the yard. Grandma told Joey about the brakeman story.

One night grandma was in her rocker telling Mary-Alice next time she brings a stray home make it a puppy and to call it Skipper.

Ch.6" Things with Wings"-1934
When Joey and Mary-Alice arrived that year,Grandma was there to welcome them. Actually she is there to see off Effie Wilcox. She explains that Effie has lost her home to the bank. Since her husband died, she has not been able to keep up payments. Joey and Mary-Alice aren?t really concerned because they?re focused on the killing of John Dillinger in Chicago. Joey thought that grandma couldn?t be concerned about Effie because she is her worst enemy. Mary-alice think that Joey doesn?t know anything about the women.

Joey walks downtown to see Ray Veech, who works at the auto garage. Passing various items in town,he sees a brand new Hudson Terraplane 8, a 4- door car.

That night after supper grandma said," I suppose you kids want to go to the picture show ," meaning she wanted to go to the picture show.They ended up going. After the show they walked home in the dark. When they got home Mary-Alice was scared but grandma tucked them in and told them sweet dreams anyway.

The next morning Joey said at the breakfast table that she needed two bucks bad for driving lessons. Grandma wasn?t up for that. That afternoon they went to church because there was a church rummage sale. Ms. Askew came over to grandma and said that Mrs. Weidenbach would pay 15 dollars for the stovepipe hat. Grandma told Ms. Askew that it wasn?t hers. At the sale they did get a lot of money though.

Grandma went to the depot with them the day they were supposed to go home. She was there to meet Effie Wilcox. Then they got on the Wabash Blue Bird and went home.

Ch.7 ?Centennial Summer?-1935
During the last summer of the children to go to their grandma?s house Joey is 15 and Mary-Alice is 13. they know that next year they?ll have more obligations and won?t be coming back to grandma?s. At the train station a sign announces that this centennial year for the town. Grandma tells them that the centennial is nothing but a nuisance where people make fools of themselves. During dinner though she lets out the info that there will be a parade and a talent show. She tells the 2 kids they?ll have to wear historical costumes and to look for some on the attic. When the children are up there there to bring down the butter churn as well.

They found clothes that fit them.When time came to go to the parade they had fun. Then it soon came time for them to go." What makes you think mom is going to let you keep that kitten?"Then they got on the train back home.

Ch.8 ?The Troop Train?-1942
After years passed, Joey became a soldier in World War 2. He was sent to basic training and had to pass through grandma?s town on the train. He sent her a letter to that effect. As they passes through Joey can see grandma?s house all lit up and grandma was there. se saw Joey and waved at him and he waved back.

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