Haunted House

Haunted House
?Yes,? said Tom whist, opening the front door.
?What d?you want?
A harassed old woman is a gray coat was stood on his step. He glanced at her for a second as she gave him an awkward smile. ?I?m your new next door neighbour,?she began talking in a loud voice. ?So!? replied Tom
?She gave another awkward smile. Well, Mr ? Knight, Tom Knight?
?I just come to say , Hello and l will be on my way?
She stumbled down the steps and waved goodbye, but Tom had shut the door minutes earlier. As she walked a few more steps down the road, Tom carefully peered through his window and watched , making sure he didn?t let any light into the house , seconds later into her house she vanished ?
Tom stood there for one or two seconds and then steadily moved back to his old arm chair next to the burning fire place.
The house looked abandon and decaying, the massive ivy covered bricks wall had been there for 100 years or more .Walking in you could see nothing but piles of broken cement from the slowly cracking ceiling. Through the long dark corridor, every door was closed and the fire provided a much needed but unwanted light. In one of the rooms, there where pieces of wallpaper glued to pieces of wood which provided a bizarrely depressing ambience and the ferocious smell, which smelled like a sewer could make anyone gag. What once was a cot bed was now just a rusted frame?
As Tom leaned back and rested his head against the top of the chair, his eyelids began to fell heavy and the warmth of the fire give out a feeling of what was once was a home?
A scream suddenly passed through an open window in the house, the filtering whispers of the leaves out side in the breeze interrupted, yelling?s and calls of helplessness continued under the full moon. Slowly the leaves begin to whisper again, Tom; Tom, though slightly muffled he could still feel it, and tingle up his spine, something, something calling him

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