Creative Writing- My Recollection of a Crazy Dream

Creative Writing- My Recollection of a Crazy Dream
was seriously freaked.
I sat up on my bed, examined my hand and started recalling what I dreamt of.
At the very beginning I only remember?
There was a girl, about my age whose face I could not recall
Maybe a resemblance of my real-life friend, XX or probably GG.
And so, we were outside a classroom with 3 pots, eavesdropping from outside, near those pots of plants.
I only remember the pots dropping because of me and my friend.
And female teacher got angier.
By the third pot, she said ?不准在那样弄了!到底是谁??
N while thinking I was totally busted, a student, male, stood up and said ?是我!?
While baffled, my view shot to that boy, apparently the class we were eavesdropping from was primary, and the kids were younger.
Suddenly the teacher beckoned to our direction and asked someone to come out and check.
And a black-suited bloke actually looked out and at us angrily!
It?s a primary classroom for Pete?s sake! How can a bloke dressed in black possibly appear?!
And without warning, my friend was gone!
And so left me, on my own, facing my death. Oh joy.
So I took off, a boy tried to grab me, as well as the bloke, but failed.
My dream suddenly told me I had super human powers and was able to out run most people. Most. ?Cos I?m really a girl and there?s probably more people like me out there, apparently. Also, people were out to get me everywhere, trying to kill me, I think.
The teacher said, ?Ask xxx to go, he?s most like a monkey anyways?
Confused, I kept running, thinking, ?Oh please! How could a little boy possibly out-run me? suddenly, a cute-baby-ish-monkey-boy appeared in front of me. In front!
And he grabbed my hand.
EW! Somehow I had no feelings for him if I continued to run and he fell trying to keep up with me.
So I ran with all my heart.
And he actually kept up! With him still holding my hand firmly, I screamed, ?Let go!?
And tried running faster, not caring if he was being carried through the wind with me.
And I didn?t look back once.
As my dream yet suddenly occurred to me that looking back will decrease your speed and let you enemy catch up.
Desperate, I said ?不要非礼我!?
And he replied, ?我没有非礼你!?
And I slapped him in the face. (His cheek was seriously hard!)
And while I flew through primary section, I reached some staircases.
And there was a secondary boy there, possibly a little older than me but not far off.
And while fleeing for my life, I screeched, ?Help me!?
But eventually he decided to help the one clinging on my hand as if for dear life ( which probably was if he was a normal mortal, but since he is steadily keeping up with me with swift steps and is trying to pull me which is thank-god-ly failing, is is not mortal)
Trying to glare at that secondary, I did a major mistake and turned my head, only to find the primary boy replaced by * in my class! (And the passerby trying and failing in pulling him pulling me)
I ran a few steps before stopping, standing still and flinging my hand away from his, trying to comfort my sore hand and saying ?A! 很痛A!?
My hand was completely black-and-blue in the places he held.
And he actually stopped, stood still and apologized. (Or at least I think he was)
And he is actually pretty?nice. (It?s a huge compliment if coming from me)
But I had no plans of falling for his apology.
With him looking utterly shy, I examined my hand closer; it was totally sore and pounding, in the and size shade of a tomato
?Oww?? I said almost in tears, but not intending to shed them in front of anyone.
And he continued to apologize, correction. trying to.
And I snuck a look at his hand.
It was pretty bad too.
But he?s a male. (And apparently immortal)
?Yeowch!? I winced, trying to touch my sore patch. I was totally mad at him and wasn?t planning to forgive him. In fact I?m on the verge to knock the wind out of him for holding my hand.
He pulled out a piece of cloth, maybe a handkerchief and wrapped it carefully around a huge patch of soreness.
I looked at him.
He said, ?Sorry??
I hesitated and shifted my eyes to my hand. It felt better now, actually.
I lifted my head.
?Thanks?,? I muttered and took off again, running out of the school compound.
And this time he didn?t even try to catch up.
Now that I feel better, I started concentrating on where my friend had gone.
She was probably hiding when I ran.
It?s better off that way anyways, since I was the one who run better. (my dream told me that too)
Without a warning, I was surrounded, again. (My dream told me I had hundreds of these kind of experiences)
This time, it was some kind of trendy, popular group.
Whose leader I once had a crush on. (Notice the use of once and had)
They cornered me, and I felt them charging up, ready to catch.
I moved a little, trying to escape, but they were fast too, closing up on me after I moved an inch.
I tried running again and the leader, my age and apparently my power, ran to the opposite side and accidently (I think) cut me.
A slit opened in my arm and blood dripped out.
I looked at my sore hand, revealing black-and-blue-ness as the cloth, was gone
Feeling raged and hopeless (since I have no more energy after being chased through the whole school), a tear slid down.
?You boys never understand girls!? I cried.
(I have no idea why I said that)
And the leader, backed off and said, ?I look forward to meeting you next night?
And he and his group went away.
I trudged home, thinking, ?Oh, so he thinks I only appear at night?And where is she?!?
(I dun know I thought it was at night, but I do remember the sky being a little around six, but later in my dream, I was just in time for lunch)
When I was home, I saw a snake slither away from me.
Well, actually it didn?t see me, luckily.
It was a little fake though, it was a pale yellow with a green pattern, those kind you find in cartoons)
A while later, I went inside my friend?s house.
Her family was preparing a meal (lunch) and I felt as if I returned home as well.
They greeted me cheerfully and I asked, ?Have you guys seen her??
And they looked?sad?
My stomach lurched, ?Why? What happened to her?!?
And they opened the toilet door and asked me to see for myself.
I pushed opened the door, preparing for the worst.
And I saw a note attached to the toilet bowl writing a bunch of nonsense stuff.
There were phone numbers and email addresses.
And I remember most, ?I like阿杰?
And I thought, ?Oh! So it?s him who she likes?
Because I remember her telling me that she?s going to tell me who she likes.
Then there was something like she gone to find me.
I sighed a sigh of relief.
And when I wanted to return to the dining place, someone, a boy actually came in and was somehow embarrassed seeing me.
I felt that I disliked him and was avoiding him since, well, forever.
But I?m not sure who he was.
And I locked myself him the toilet, unwilling to come out until he left.
After a period of time, he finally left and I came out, cautiously.
Then I saw her, my best friend, it seems.
As my dream continued to unfold, I know more and more about my life.
I found out we were only recently being like this. (Like, this as in fleeing for life, being wanted, such)
Something happened that made us cannot attend school like we used to. (Possibly something like, oh, I don?t know, discovering our powers, maybe?)
And I only attend school when I have to, like when activities happen, but I still have no idea why we had to go eavesdrop of that class.
I mean, I sacrificed my hand for it! And I don?t mean only for the pain.
I was ecstatic when I saw her.
After our reunion, I told her what happened and showed her my hand.
And the side where the cut was had doodles on them!
I freaked out!
And those doodles, although colorful in shades of blue, purple and some other color, don?t look too friendly to me.
She comforted me.
Then I remembered someone drove us to some kind of evil powerful people place.
And I remembered me and my best friend watching from inside the car as he bullied the people he caught as prisoners.
I remembered there was someone who controlled fire being bullied the most.
He looked somehow familiar but I could not recall what he looked like.
Then I forgot.
Probably we got into the fight.
But I?m not sure if we won or not.
And when I got to my friend?s house, my mum nagged me to go to school tomorrow because I was going to have a icas computer competition, also, there was a ballet competition. (I think)
I sort of didn?t want to go, but I did.
Then I only remember me apologizing to * about losing his cloth.
(And at that point I actually pictured (yes, in my dream) buying plasters (with Winnie the Pooh pictures, apparently) and giving it to him, saying something about a deal, ten plasters.
When I put it together, I think it was something like me giving him plasters and telling him whenever I come he will give one to me and it was a deal.
Weird actually.
Now back to the real dream.
Then he said it was alright and I wanted to give him a handkerchief (green) and he said no.
Then he told me he actually bought plasters (small ones, with pictures of baby Disney characters) and when I wanted to see it closer, I accidently plucked one out.
Then I said sorry and tried sticking it back.
That was all.
Very weird.

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