Creative Writing about Kids in Gangs

Creative Writing about Kids in Gangs
Gangs are becoming a growing problem in the American Area. More young people are turning to gangs to solve problems in their lives. When youths join gangs they drop interest with family, friends and school. Gang members fall behind their classmates in school and can?t be bothered to try. Gangs are so tempting for teenagers to join, that most of them are pressured.
A young teenage boy named Ricky joined a gang called The Terminators. The Terminators were well known around his area.
It had been said that they had many rival gangs including the Gin-ers and The Warts, but the worst of them all were the Tributers. The Tributers had done some of the most savage and abhorrent things known to man.
?So do you have any Cocaine I can sniff with you guys? said Ricky.
?You have to earn the Cocaine first, freshy? one of the members said as so he was in his own world.
?Okay, erm so what do I have to do?? Ricky asked anxiously.
?Oh! Just a little job for me? the member replied.
?Like?? Ricky asked.
?Well, I would really love a Doughnut from Dunky Dos. Go grab me one from the little stall outside the shop, be quick though!? the member said ecstatically.

So Ricky walked across the road to the other side to Dunky Dos. He walked like a normal person in no rush at all. He knew if he ran he would bait himself out. Ricky approached the stall, there was a man positioned by it. Ricky looked at the glistening, sugar coated doughnuts whilst thinking of a way to distract the man. He quickly thought of a plan. He threw a 50p behind the lofty man, so that he would grab it for him. As the man turned over to reach for the 50p, Ricky rapidly reached for the doughnut and stuck it in his pocket. The tall man turned back over to Ricky to hand over his 50p that he dropped deliberately.
Ricky thanked the man and walked off like nothing had happened.

When Ricky got back to his pristine gang, he handed over the stolen doughnut. The gang members passed over a large bag of Cocaine to Ricky, not knowing Ricky was only 15 years of age.
?Well here you go then young one? one of the members said.
?I guess I say thank you!? Ricky said in bewilderment.

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