Creative Writing- Dreaming of the Year 2059

Creative Writing- Dreaming of the Year 2059
As the clock drew closer to four on February 18, 2009, my heart started pounding heavier. I was so ready to go home and get some supper. Tonight, momma was cooking homemade pizza with Texas toast and fresh peach cobbler for dessert. ?Oh Boy!!? was all I could say. The taste of freshly brewed sweet tea lingered in my mouth like a heavenly sin.
Finally, the bell rang and I could go home. As I walked to my truck, a ghostly wind blew the leaves from the old oak tree in the deserted parking lot. I drove cautiously home. Pulling in the drive way, a black cat sits on our wooden fence post. Putting my truck in park, I thought to myself, ?Today has been a strange day.? The smell of delicious cheese melting on top of perfectly rounded pepperonis smothered by tomato sauce onto a velvety blanket of fresh bread filled my nose as I walked through my front door. Momma greeted me at the door with a hug.
Later that night, I ate supper and did my home work. Then I decided to take a long hot shower. After taking my shower, I decided to wind down the night and go onto bed. Before I lay down, I looked out my window and was greeted with a huge yellow moon that hung solemnly in the pitch black sky. Finally, I drifted slowly off to sleep.
I awoke the next morning by the sound of a jet car flying two feet above my house. My eyes hurt, but I felt well rested. Finally, I drug myself out of bed and raced to the window. I couldn?t believe my eyes. As I gazed out my window, I saw flying cars, concrete lawns, no trees, no animals and crowded streets. I started to panic. What year is it? What happened? Opening my closet, I realized that I have no clothes. All of my clothes were gone and replaced with retro new silk pants and satin shirts with plastic boots and funny looking hats.
After finding something to wear, I leaped out the door. As I started running down the side walk panicking, I ran into a tall scraggly looking guy. His name was Marshall, and we began to talk. ?Well I hate to break it to you, but the date is February 19, 2059,? he said. I panicked when he told me that. Does that mean that I have slept for fifty years? The United States had united with Japan and China to form the cju Alliance. ?That is why the United States is so advanced in technology, we trade goods with them,? he said. I started bawling crocodile tears that ran down my face so fast and steady like Lake Alapaha. That?s all I could do, because I was just so heartbroken. What happened to the ?Good Ole Days?? Where did they go? Why did everything change? Where are the farms, animals and grass?
Marshall finally explained to me that nobody farmed anymore, because the government now installed degenerative growth houses. These grow and process cows, chickens and hogs without the help from humans. The whole United States got rid of grass, because it is the number one cause of sinus and allergy problems. The new President changed the United States to make it better in his eyes. The new President is Donald Trump Junior. The first thought that popped in my head was, ?What has this world come to??
Marshall started telling me more and more about how this world has gone bad. The children no longer have to come to school. Colleges were burned and never rebuilt. Jobs were dwindling down. Homes weren?t being built; instead people were living in apartments. Duplexes were on every street corner. Vehicles that used gasoline or diesel were stopped on the assembly line on February 18, 2045. Now, people drive hybrid flying cars. The sport utility vehicles and trucks were never reprocessed. Credit cards and debit cards were history; now everybody stole what they wanted, and the police did anything about it. People who still banked had to do it electronically. The post office is run by biodegradable sorting machines, instead of human beings. Hospitals are unnecessary, because now all the medicines are sold in a drug store along with breathing machines and syringes. By the age of sixteen, all the young women were pregnant or either have already had their second or third child.
He kept naming more and more graphic situations. It was all just too much to handle. This wasn?t the America that I remember. ?Where did it go?? I shrieked. Marshall tried to calming me, but I was too far gone. As I started into a panic rage, I woke up and realized it was all a dream.

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