Dragon Short Story

Dragon Short Story
Seth awoke with a start. It was dawn and the dew on the glass panes had frozen in the night and left little crystals that looked similar to veins of a wing. This gave the window a beautiful life like appearance. He breathed heavily as is he came to reality from what he assured himself was a dream. He got up shakily and walked over to his window, and peered out. As he looked through the frosty window of the log and timber farm hut, he found himself wiping his breath from the window which traveled from his mouth as a cloud of vapor and came to rest on the window as a circle of fog. The world outside his uncle?s home seemed alien and foreign to him. The entire world had been engulfed and covered with glimmering sheets of white. Although he was no stranger to snow and winter after seventeen years of life; the effect it had still astonished him. It was as if all the force and life of Mother Nature herself had been blunted and put on hold for the empty silence of snow and ice.
The birds no longer perched in the green tree tops of the blooming forest just beyond the barn, the green grass no longer waived in the pasture on windy days, and the vibrant colors of all living things seemed to fade into pure white. He surveyed the landscape for a short time more and then went about his morning tasks. His mind wandered as he got dressed and did the necessary mindless tasks that had to be done before breakfast. It was not long before his mind came back to the dream. ?What was I dreaming about?? The question pounded in his head over and over again as he finished up his tasks. He felt nervous about it, as if it were a message whose soul purpose was to relay the most important of information that he could not understand. His stomach clenched and a knot rose in his throat. It was the same feeling he got when he was deeply worried about an event to come. The only problem was that he was not sure he knew what to be worried about. When He sat down at the breakfast table he grimaced at the porridge in front of him. He sat and barely looked at the food as his cousin devoured his. ?What?s the matter with you,? he said half heartedly, ?You haven?t even touched your porridge.? Seth looked at his cousin pondering for a second. The two of them could not have been closer had they been of the same womb, for they had grown up together, and had always been as brothers. Seth had been given to his Uncle when Brom had just been born. He only knew that his parents were dead, and nothing more of it than that. ?Nothing, just tired.? said Seth trying to stifle conversation, ?I didn?t sleep well, I was cold.? Luckily for Seth the lie had been enough to end the conversation. This was at least until his uncle entered the room. ?Good morning boys,? boomed the man with a broad smile on his face, ?How are you two this morning?? Seth?s uncle was a short tiered looking man. His skin was tuff and freckled from many years of hard labor in the hot sun, and his hands calloused from blisters that came from rigorous farm work. His hair, beard, and other facial hair were a dull grey. The only features on the man that portrayed his youthful spirit were his eyes. They were a bright blue and glimmered with the passion of a young man. He walked across the room to the fireplace, swung the kettle of Porridge away from the open flame and served himself a bowl. Brom and Seth?s uncle conversed about chores and the whether. Seth just watched and eyed his cousin and uncle. Something struck him about his uncle that reminded him of his dream. He just didn?t know what exactly it was that had stuck out at him. He pondered this until breakfast was over. As Seth walked out to the barn he stared off into forest. He wished he could go hike through it. He always seemed to find his answers when he walked through the forest. As he worked, Seth let his mind wander. It was not long before his mind wandered to the issue of what his dream had been. ?What had about hiss uncle had reminded him of his dream.? He turned the question over in his head again and again, but he could only get the answer to the tip of his tongue before it was lost again. He worked fast and finished his chores early so that he could go for a hike. Seth informed his uncle that he had finished his chores early and asked if he could go hiking though the forest. It was only after that his uncle was totally convinced of his finished duties that he consented. He thanked his uncle, gathered his quiver and bow and then set off. Seth entered the forest at about midday and looked up. Even at this time of day the sun barely made its way through the trees. He took in the sights of the forest as he walked. He loved this place because even under the snow it could not totally be concurred. Greens, browns, and many other colors shoved there way into view. He appreciated the power that this place held. Many did not like this forest for they had clamed tales of misfortune after and during their trips into the forest. Seth believed his lack of mishaps had a lot to do with the respect he held for the forest. He felt he shared a special bond with all the things in the forest, from the mighty river to the wise trees. Reveling smugly in his fair fortune in the forest he came to a clearing by the bank of the river that he had made for when he was hunting and needed a cleared area to sleep. The river was mighty and acted as a barrier between the forest and the mountains which wrapped the entire empire. He set his quiver and bow down next to him at the bank of the river and knelt down to take a drink. He took in several large gulps of the refreshing cold water and got back up. He stared at the water and had a moment of realization. In a single instant the entire dream came crashing back to him. Images flashed in his head and he made the connection in an instant.
?It was the eyes, his uncle?s blue eyes were the same color as the river, and the river was the same as,? his thought process was cut off and the dream came crashing back violently. He began to shiver uncontrollably and he felt as though he were going to faint. A seen began to play over in his head. He dropped to his knees and closed his eyes as everything hazed over.
Seth was walking through the mountains, it was towards the peeks of the mountains that he had found a cave. He ventured into the cave and had found it abnormally warm. He walked carefully through the cave for a short time. Then he saw a flame ahead and moved towards it feeling warmth as well assuming it was the fire of another hunter. As he neared it he felt a steady rush of air flowing from the direction of the flame. He moved slowly but still moved forward. Without notice the flame lifted and roared into existence casting light through the entire cave. When Seth saw the source of the flame it sent fear trembling into him. Before him was a tall creature at least twice as tall as any horse. It had wings that looked as if made of velvet and bone. Veins spider webbed though them and made entrechat weaves. It had scales and a tail as well that looked like any reptiles only much larger. The most predominant feature of this creature was that it was sapphire blue and its eyes were dark blue like clear deep water. The dragon roared ferociously.
Seth felt as if he was slowly drifting back to reality, but shunned the possibility away when he saw what looked like a large bird diving towards him at an alarming rate. He tried to gain composer to shake himself awake from this dream but nothing happened. He took another look up into the sky seeing that the large bird had not been a bird but a dragon which was no diving even faster and still gaining speed. It twisted as it dove, cork screwing through the air. He then realized that this had not been part of his dream. He stood frozen with fear and just stared at the dragon as it came towards him. At what seemed to be just to late the dragon let its wings expand to catch the air and it swooped to a graceful stop, and with a thud landed perfectly next to him. It looked just as it had in his dream.
He looked over at is quiver and bow, which were in reach and slowly moved to pick them up. From inside his heard a voice, ?Don?t be foolish, if I had meant you any harm I would have done it by now.? Seth jumped and whirled to face the dragon again. ?Is that dragon talking?? He thought to himself. And almost instantly, there came a reply, ?Yes it is me.? Seth stared down the dragon.
?So you don?t mean me any harm?
?No I do not?
?And you can hear my thoughts??
?Yes, and you mine?
?Then why are you here??
?It is a long story,? said the dragon, ?but what you need to know is that your family is in danger.?
?My family, what do you mean?? He lunged for his bow and quiver so rapidly it made the dragon growl and show its teeth. He turned to run, but was stopped by the voice of the dragon again.
?It will be faster to fly,? said the dragon.
Seth thought about it, weighed his options, and in fear of his families safety went with the dragon. On the he learned that the dragon was a she and that her name was Saphira. He learned that he was part of a legend that she herself did not totally understand. He learned that since birth he had been the subject of great want of both good and evil, and hat his parents had died to protect him. That the emperor knew the legends of him, and that he was to grow up to be the master of a dragon. And that it was his destiny to be a great leader, and bring down the empire.
As they approached his log hut they saw smoke. His home was on fire. He saw no sign of his uncle or Brom anywhere. When Saphira had landed Seth jumped from her back, and ran into his burning home. When he returned he had two bodies over his shoulders, and tears running down his face. He laid the bodies down and sobbed. Both Brom and His uncle were dead.
?What do you wish to do next,? asked Saphira sympathizing with Seth.
He waited a while to reply, but the message was clear from the look on his face, ?I want revenge,? he said coldly.

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