Short Story

Short Story
Well, I was walking along, right, and I saw a ditch in front of me, right. And I kept walking, and the ditch was like 100 metres away, right. And then I got the ditch, and I sort of stepped on the edge so my foot was on the side of the ditch, right, and I toppled over. And I fell in the ditch, well, it was more of a hole really. I stood up, right, and the walls of the hole, ditch thing were taller then me, right. So I kind of lifted my arms up and grabbed the edge of the hole and lifted myself up, right. And there were all these people standing around pointing at me (with looks of shock on their faces). And then a big truck thing, one with the scoopy bit at the front, you know Scoop from Bob The Builder, the yellow truck thing, yeah, well one of them dropped all this dirt and stuff on me. And it was all like dirt and bits of cats and dogs, you know. Then I pulled myself out of the hole and shook all of the cat and dog out of my hair. I took a look at the truck that dumped all the cat and stuff on me and on the side it said ?Dim Sim Factory?. I snuck over to it whilst picking the bits of cat and dog that were on my shoulders off.
The guy in the truck was asleep and he was really fat and couldn?t get out of the truck ?cos he was so fat, so he lived in there. He had a TV and an oven and little fridge and stuff. Anyway, I was sneaking up to truck, right, and I had a look in the back seat, because it had 4 doors, right, like a car, right. So I was looking in the back and it was full of money, like cash, hundred dollar notes and stuff, right, and there was jewels and gems and stuff, right, like expensive stuff. So I snuck all the way back my house and got a sack, like a really big sack, right, and I snuck all the way back to the truck thing, right. I snuck up the door and opened it quietly, right. Then I put all the money and jewels and stuff in the sack, right, and slung it over my shoulder. Then I snuck back home, right, with the sack still over my shoulder, but before I got there, like only a little bit away, I saw a little boy, by this time I was old, right, and I had grey, no, white hair and a beard and just so happened to wearing red clothes, right. And the little kid pulled on his mothers sleeve and said ?Mummy, mummy, look, its Santa?. I opened my sack and took out a big handful of cash and gave it to the kid.

Ow? what was his name? Ah? it was some faggot kid, what was it? Oh, I know, it was George Bush, that?s right. Anyway I gave him the money and continued sneaking home. By the time I got there I was young again, right.

So I snuck inside, right, and I was in a room with a bookcase, right. So I went up to it and pulled one of the books forward, right, then I went over to the suit of armour, you know the suits of armour that are there and they have those axe things on long sticks, right, so I pulled the axe part of it forward and the suit of armour went ?bhuauaua? and spun around in circle, like 180 degrees, right, then I pressed a pressed a button on the back of it?s head, right, and then the bookcase moved across, you know. So I snuck into the room behind the bookcase and shut it behind me. There were candles in there right, but they weren?t lit, so I went like this ?(makes a gesture with arm (moving it once across body)) and the candles lit. The room just had a wine rack thing with wine in it, it was like a cellar really, anyway I went over to the corner of the rug, right, and lifted it up, and under it was a trapdoor. I opened the trapdoor, right, and dropped the sack down into it, and then I jumped up in the air and went like this ? (pulls arms into body to make self thinner) and jumped into the hole, right.

And I?ve got this dog right that lives in the cellar room, right, and it?s a mongrel, it just has all sorts of shit in it, anyway it walked over to the trapdoor and put its snout thing under it, right, and lifts its head so that the door shuts, right, then it bit onto the edge of the rug and pulled it back over the trapdoor so that nobody knew it was there, right.

So after I jumped through the trapdoor I ended up in like a big cavern, sort of thing, I picked up the sack and slung it over my shoulder again and started sneaking. I kept sneaking for like an hour until I reached a brick wall, like big stone blocks (makes big stone block shape with hands), you know. It probably took me so long to walk through the cavern thing because I snuck the whole way, I didn?t even need to sneak, there was nobody done there apart from a couple of bats, oh well. I was at the wall right and bent over and pulled the big stone blocks towards me until there was gap, right, then I crawled through it and pulled the stone blocks back into place, right. I looked around and I was in like a big cylinder of stone blocks, right, and there were ropes hanging down, so grabbed on to one and started pulling myself up with one hand (imitates climbing one-handed whilst holding sack over shoulder with other hand). I got the top, right, and it was like a well, so I had just climbed out of a well, right. I saw the forest in front of me, right, then I unslung the sack full of money and gems and stuff while still holding it and started swinging it over my head (imitates swinging sack full of money and gems and stuff over head), right, I kept swinging it and threw it into the middle of the forest, right. Then I went ? (once again makes a gesture with arm (moving it once across body)), and the forest set on fire. Then a possum ran out of forest, I picked it up and said ?Hello little possum? in soft and loving voice, then I threw it back into the fire.

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