April Morning - Creative Writing

April Morning - Creative Writing
Adam Cooper started out as a fifteen-year-old boy, but became a fifteen-year-old man. In the beginning, Adam could not get along with his father, Moses Cooper, and truly believed that his father hated him. Moses was always getting on to Adam for everything he did. In Moses? eyes his boy could do better than he let on if he would only apply himself a little bit more. ?There was nothing that a Cooper man couldn?t do.?
Moses was a large man who could argue his way out of anything, his reputation for argumentation was known throughout the entire area. He held very strongly to his views and would not budge for anything, except perhaps his mother Goody Cooper. Because of Moses? gift of gab he was a member of the Lexington Committee. On the night of Moses? committee meeting Adam asked if he could go with to the meetinghouse with his father. Moses told him that the day he started acting and thinking like a man then Adam could go. So instead of going to the meeting with his father Adam met his cousin Ruth Simmons. Ruth also happened to be Adam?s best friend and love interest, and since they were just ?second-cousins, once removed? that made it alright for him to have feeling her. They talked and argued and ended up kissing. It was Adam?s first kiss and the first time he felt like a man.
Anyways, when Moses got home he told Sarah, his wife and Adam?s mother, what had happened at the meeting. They had discussed the military, more of a militia actually, Moses did not agree with the whole idea of a militia at all. Sarah told Moses how Adam felt about him hating his son and Moses just couldn?t believe it. He really loved Adam very much and was saddened to hear that Adam had felt that way. So Sarah read to him and they all went to bed.

That night Adam?s little brother Levi had a bad dream and came into Adam?s room in the middle of the night. Adam didn?t believe in dreams and tried to console him. While standing at the window Levi heard hoof beats. After a moment there was a man on horseback yelling something that they could not hear. All the committeemen met and discovered that the British army was on their way. The Committee made a muster list for all the men to sign that was a part of their militia. When Adam decided that he would sign his father seen him and almost wouldn?t let him. After the signing Adam went back to the house and, against his mothers wishes, Adam and his father Moses got there guns and provisions and left for the common. On the way out to the common Moses put his arm around Adam and showed true emotion towards him. Adam was truly touched and as the night progressed kept feeling more and more like a man.

The Committee had suspected that when the British made there way to Lexington that they would talk to the redcoats and work things out. The Committee elected the Reverend as their spokesman because he was the only unarmed man. When the British arrived at Lexington they just began firing and Moses was shot twice in the chest. Adam seen the death and ran. Everyone ran. Adam hid from the redcoats in a smokehouse until his brother found him there. Adam told Levi to go home and tell his mother and grandmother that he would be home soon.

After that Adam ran into the woods in fear of what his mother would have said. There he met an old tall man by the name of Solomon Chandler. Adam grieved his father?s death and Solomon tried to console him. After a while Adam left with Solomon to find the ?army? that was assembling in a pasture not far from there. When they arrived, Adam was pleased to find that many people from the Lexington militia were still alive. He was Especially please to see his cousin, Ruth?s father, Joseph Simmons. Adam told his story and cried again.

After awhile there were around one hundred people in the pasture and the time for action was upon them. Solomon made a suggestion that they break up into the riflemen in one group and everyone else in another. The men without a rifle would go up to the stone wall right beside the road and wait on the British to come marching by. When the redcoats got there the militia stood and fired with the riflemen firing from a good distance back. When men behind the wall fired they ran and reloaded then went to a point farther down the road and shot again. The British knew that their only chance of survival was to keep going they did not chase after the posse. There were more men from surrounding areas coming to help the entire time. As the fighting continued Adam grew more and more tired of it and just wanted to go home. He heard that some troops had reentered Lexington and when he looked into the sky he could see smoke. There was word that the British had set fire to some of the buildings and homes in Lexington. Adam feared that he would not have a home to go to when the fighting was over. He became aware of how tired he was because of his lack of sleep and all of the running he had done that day. Finally at somewhere around three o?clock in the afternoon Adam, Joseph and few others went to a certain spot in the road to try and cut the British troops off. When they arrived there the redcoats were already beginning to cross their point. So they crawled into a brush pile and began firing. Adam quickly realized that his weapon would not reach the troops and quit firing and took a nap.

When Adam Woke up The Reverend and ?Cousin Simmons? thought that he was dead and they were talking about him and how they should tell his mother. Adam stood up and they knew he wasn?t dead but they had no idea how anyone could have fallen asleep.
Adam and many other Lexington residents returned home that night since they were so close and there duty had been fulfilled, they drove the British away from their homes a back to Boston where the British ships were docked. The Lexington posse all walked very slowly towards home because they thought that the whole town was burned to nothing but ashes. As they entered the town the men realized that only a few houses had been burnt, so they all went home.

Levi came running out to meet Adam, when he neared the house, and hugged him like he had been gone a year. While Adam was sleeping a man rode by on horse and told the Cooper family that he had seen the boy dead. Everyone was happy to see Adam but still not in an all out cheerful mood. Moses? body was lying in a bed upstairs and Adam went and paid his respects.

After Moses? body was carried to the church house later that evening, Sarah had Adam take some candles to his coffin. When he left the house Ruth was waiting for him and they hugged and kissed and talked. Everything was good until Adam heard about another muster list for the men to go and fight the redcoats in Boston. Adam had a very tough decision to make about going but it was going to have to wait because for now he needed to stay and take care of his family.

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