Three Little Pigs Roleplay: The Wolf's Defense Before the Judge

Three Little Pigs Roleplay: The Wolf's Defense Before the Judge
Dear judge, I stand before you on the fine summer evening for my innocence of the story of me eating the three little pigs. I?ll try to be respectful as I can, but it?s not really necessary. How can someone be polite when he or she is so guilty! The story about me and three pigs are viewed in a totally mistaken way. So I am here to show you the truth, but I want you to keep one thing in mind. Because this story became so popular among others, I am little cautious that there will be a fixed idea about wolves and pigs. Most people think wolves are big and bad- even in the story I am called as ?The Big Bad Wolf? So, people tend to blame me about killing three pigs even though they don?t know the situation well enough. Judge, you should never judge animals by the way we look.
When the sun finally arose after a bitter winter day, we got out of sleep. Our family was really really hungry because we didn?t eat anything for 5 months. 5 months!!! holy moly!!! You won?t know anything about our species. We tend to starve much more than other creatures, not just our family but the wolves in general. But is it MY fault to be born as a wolf? definitely not! Soon we were separated to find food and some for saving if we could get enough. Judge, I want you to know something important. It?s not my fault wolves eat cute little animals like bunnies, sheep and pigs. That?s just the way we are..

I scoured about in search for food. After walking about an hour in the bush, there were three little pigs hanging around. I was hovering between life and death- what mattered if it was a pig? Judge, we are different from you. Not eating animals for food means death to us. For me, finding animals when I starve was just like nipping the money on the street. Everybody acts after his kind, huh? So my true color of being a wolf came out and I was running to the three little pigs. Who could have stopped me? There was nobody around except for those cute little pigs, and my conscience was not functioning. The pigs started running away to their house.

Pigs returned to their house and I was trying to catch them. I could have been faster than them, but I was too hungry to run and catch them. Two of them built their houses out of straw and stick. judge!!! can you believe that???? I mean, their houses were so unstable in the wind. who knows? It could have also been blown away with a huge storm or a blast of wind. They could have built their houses stronger that nobody could invade, but they were just too lazy! Is that my fault? OF course not! So I just blew the house as hard as I could, and pigs freaked out when they saw me trying to eat them.

That?s all it is and I was confessing the truth! When various living things share the same ecosystem, there must be producer and consumer. If wolves stop eating pigs, then there will be tons and tons of pigs in the entire world- actually, much more than humans. The system must maintain balance and make it stable. So as a consumer, I was trying to eat the three little pigs who acted as a producer to me. I lost much more compared to those pigs. MY life, food, and pride!!! Judge, if you are a person who knows something about how world change and turns out to be, you definitely should make me innocence. Make your right decision.

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