Native Son Letter

Native Son Letter
une 17, 1938

Dear Bigger,

This letter comes to you because, I don?t think you acted like a role model as your character in Native Son. You play a huge role in the book. I would like to do what you get to do such as going where ever you want anytime. Walking around disrespecting your parents isn?t going to help your relationship with them improve. You walk around with your best friends that are underage smoking and drinking which are setting bad examples. From your siblings, and your moms point of view I don?t think that behavior would be acceptable. Everyday you walk around with your drooping down trying to find some one to take your anger out on just because you made a bad decision. You should not take your parents and sister for granted.
If you ask me I would not disrespect my parents like you do. I?m glad my parents are here on this Earth. They take care of me and I?m not going to take it for granted. When I grow up I don?t want to be a smoker or a drinker. When I get mad I try not to take my anger out on someone else. I?m usually just mad at myself for the stupid decision I made.

June 29, 1938
Dear John,
I have to tell you about Bigger who is the main character in the book Native Son. His dad died when he was a young kid. He gets into a lot of trouble because he hangs around with bad that are a bad influence for him. Such as when Bigger and his friends were at the pool hall and Bigger plans to rob these rich people. He had much running through his mind such as, if he was going to make it out alive and would he go to jail. So the woman that they were robbing had and gun and Bigger had a gun also, and the woman was threating to shoot him if she didn?t put the things they stole down. So Bigger decides to shoot the woman and Bigger and his friends took off running as fast as lighting as the woman collapsed to the floor dead. So bigger hides out at one of his friend?s house until all the fuss about the woman being dead was over. You can call Bigger a bad kid but, he has his days when he?s nice and friendly. I wouldn?t like to meet him because, I don?t want to get sucked into the things that he does. If you had a chance to read the book you will be hanging off the edge of your chair in suspense. So go read the book today!

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