The Man Who Lost A Good Wife

The Man Who Lost A Good Wife
here once was a man named Franswah, and he had a wife named Keisha.
They both lived in Keithville, Atlanta. They had a little girl named Jasmine, she was twelve years of age and she attended Ghettoville Jr. High School in the seventh grade. Keisha never did like doing anything, so her husband Franswah decided to go out and have an affair with a lady named Shay. Franswah and Shay worked at a law firm together. Shay was his assistant, she always helped him with things and they always went to lunch together. So some nights he never came home or either he came in late. Keisha was never the type of person to just argue, she mainly just questioned him to see what the response would be and she left it alone until the next morning. So one night when he came in he had a funny odor and Keisha asked him what was up with the smell, he told her that he had been working out and got sweaty. Their daughter Jasmine had very high blood pressure, so most of the time she didn?t go to school because of her condition and she stayed ill. Keisha had a younger sister named Ashley, she is the rowdy type that doesn?t care and will tell anybody anything.
Keisha was telling her sister about Franswah coming in late, having a odor on him and don?t want to be questioned. So one day when Ashley was over there and he walked in she confronted him and told him if she find out that?s its that he?s cheating on her she was gone handle it. So he got mad and started hollering at Keisha for telling her sister about what was going on in their relationship. Then that?s when Ashley came back and told him that she can tell her anything she want to tell her because that?s her sister. So few minutes later the phone rings and its was Shay. Keisha answers the phone and it was another lady?s voice, and she asked to speak to Franswah. So she asked her who is calling and she told her that it was Franswah?s baby mother. Everyone is in shock, so Ashley gets on the phone and started getting rowdy. Ashley was asking her different questions like how old is the baby, where she live, and where did Franswah and her meet. And he got mad and started storming out the door. So Ashley and Keisha waited until he came back so they can talk, so as time passed he never came home. So Ashley called the number back from earlier and asked Shay have she seen Franswah and she paused and was like no I haven?t. It?s five in the morning and Franswah decides to walk in while everyone else is sleep and take a bath. So Ashley walks down the stairs and talk to him because she knows that Keisha isn?t the type of person to just figure things out. So therefore Ashley confronts him and asks him where has he been. And he tells her, ??don?t worry about where I have been I?m grown and you are not my wife, so get out my face.? Ashley said, ? well excuse me, but you not about to be cheating on my sister so you need to get your priorities straight.? Then they departed from one another and went on with their business.
It?s now a Saturday morning around 8:00 a.m. and Keisha is down stairs cooking breakfast for the family. So Franswah comes down the stairs and gave a Keisha a kiss on the cheek, grabbed a piece of toast and was headed towards the door. So Ashley comes threw the door and says, ?hey, what time did you come in last night?? Keisha didn?t know that Ashley talked to him or heard him when he came in, so it was a surprise. And Keisha says, ?oh yeah what time did you come in Franswah?? He says, ?Um, well you know I?m not sure exactly what time it was because I left my watch at home and I worked kind of late last night.? ?Well are you still having a intimacy with that suppose to be baby mama thing and is that even your son?? said Keisha. Franswah said, ?Yes that is my son his name is Joshua, he is two months, and no we are not still having a intimacy.? Keisha told him not to be deceitful to her. And he says, ?honey you know I wouldn?t do that to such a good wife like you.? Ashley says, ?don?t lie to her, you know you are still messing around with that Shay girl.? Franswah says, ? Ashley please be quiet because you don?t know what?s going on in our relationship and you will never know as far as I am concerned.? ?No as long as you are married to my sister I am gone know what?s going on because I am not about to let you use her and take her for granted,? says Ashley. ?Can you all just please stop arguing and get along, we are all family and we are going to act like it,? says Keisha.
So it?s later in the day on that hot Saturday afternoon. Keisha and Jasmine are in the living room watching ?Why Did I Get Married,? and she is realizing that her relationship is not going as well as before. So she goes outback to her patio to meditate and she sees her next door neighbor?s pulling up in their driveway. The neighbor?s are good people, Cassandra and Jhonny King. Jhonny is a pastor and Cassandra is a elementary teacher at Eastside Elementary. Cassandra comes over to the patio to join Keisha and asked, ?her how has her relationship been going?? ?Well you know the other day I find out that he was having a affair with another lady, they had a son together, his name is Joshua and is two months old,? says Keisha. Cassandra said, ? Well that?s not good news and me and my husband are doing great, I hope he doesn?t decide to do nothing stupid like that and where is he now anyways.? ? I?m not very sure he leaves early in the mornings, comes in late and makes up all kind of lies, I just don?t know what to do I am just all confused,? says Keisha. Cassandra said, ? well all you can do is pray about it, hope for the best, and hope things get better.? Keisha said, ? thank you girl for that advice because I really needed it.? Cassandra said, ?no problem girl.? As Cassandra goes back home, while Keisha continued reading. Jasmine comes out and ask her mom what was she doing. Keisha said, ? nothing sweetie just outside reading my book and has your daddy came back yet?? ? No mamma, he hasn?t came back yet and have you talked to him today,? says Jasmine. Keisha said, ? no I haven?t Jasmine.? So a few minutes later my phone rings and it?s Shay. She asked was Franswah there. Keisha says, ? if he was I wouldn?t give him the phone, so please don?t call my house again.? Keisha was surprised in herself about finally telling Shay off.

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