The Watcher

The Watcher
Watchers can be very annoying. Every time I try to get my work done, it?s always there in front of me, teasing me, taunting me, and gesturing me. I?ve tried many methods to rid of it, most of which have been unsuccessful. Every person has a watcher whether they believe so or not. Whenever a person gets distracted from something they are doing or supposed to be doing, that?s their watcher at work. Their job specifically is to make a person fail by any means possible. To rid of these watchers is just putting your self in jeopardy by giving into their plan of distraction. Not getting your homework done is a great example of when a person?s watcher appears. As soon as they hear or see the word homework, they spring into action. Although many have found a way to get rid of their watchers, most of us are still left with them to annoy us. How do we get rid of them? That is a question best left to ourselves. We must each find a way to exterminate these pests from our lives forever. Though that may seem impossible since our watchers aren?t even real, we must still find our own method to focus on our duties and distract ourselves from the pain that lives within. I myself have found a technique which works perfectly. By using this technique, I have been able to finish most of my work quicker then before and more efficient as well. My watcher never saw this coming and now hardly distracts me. My watcher is very evil and tricky, but with lots of practice, I was able to focus more on my work and less on its schemes of mischief.
The appearance of my watcher plays a big part of how it distracts me. My watcher is actually a woman, a woman with big breasts. She is quite heavy set and is actually a little person. I see her flying over me all the time, making tricks and juggling games right in front of my eyes. She tries to steer my attention towards her all the time by reminding me of how fun it was playing video games and hanging out with my friends. She lures me to pick up the phone and start calling my girlfriend to have a little chit chat or even come over for a little play time. The hard part is that my house is basically like a McDonald?s play place. Whenever I?m bored there?s always something around me to entertain me whether it?s my computer, T.V., phone, or video games. When it?s time to get work done, it?s hard to do it because not only are these things around me, but you also got a little person with big breasts flying inside my head and trying to persuade me to get on my ass and relax a little. She?s always telling me to take breaks and not work too hard. And if that?s not hard enough, most of the time she fly?s around with sexy red dresses. In my opinions I see her as a small Anna Nicole Smith with the voice of Fran Drescher. That?s how bad it is. My watcher is nothing but a woman with looks that can distract any person, even if they were blind.
My watcher has made me fail many times in my life. I was unable to accomplish lots of my work or tasks because of her. I can think of hundreds of times in the past when I had a deadline to finish something either at my job or at school from which my watcher has made me lose concentration and I was unable to fulfill my duties. For example, I once had a school project to finish with a group of my friends which they were all counting on me to do my part. I was in charge of filming the project as well as act in it as a news reporter. At the end of filming, I was told to take the footage home and edit it to show in front of the whole class the next day. As soon as I got home, I had my mind set that I was going to edit this project and make my group happy. But, things aren?t always as they seem. At a young age, my watcher appeared to me and told me to go outside and play with my neighbors who were already waiting for me. I thought to myself that it wouldn?t hurt to play with them for a good hour, but an hour soon turned into 5 hours. By the time I got finished fooling around, it was already dark and almost midnight. I knew it was impossible to finish the project now and just gave into defeat by my watcher. She laughed at me and humiliated me in front of my whole class. I learned from this experience never to drop my guard and give into her again. I was determined to think of a technique to fool her and to keep my mind away from her as well. I will never forget what she had done to me and vowed revenge.
My watcher thinks that she will always be able to find a way to bug me and take my mind away from my work, but I have actually find a fool proof technique that works for me and will rid of her until my work is done. I have tried many method of trying to focus on my duties and steer myself away from my watcher. I?ve tried going to the library and seeing if she?ll follow me there. Unfortunately she did in the form of computers and a cell phone. I?ve tried studying at my friends house to see if we can both help each other on getting our homework done, but she was there again in the form of his new video games. I was beginning to feel like it was hopeless. I came to the conclusion that I can never get rid of her. Then I realized that maybe my passion for music can help me out with this annoying situation. One day, I sat in front of my computer and began to work on an essay. There she appeared and started juggling food in front of me trying to make me hungry. I almost gave in until I started playing some very loud music. Suddenly, she just disappeared into thin air. I was so surprised that in about an hour I got my essay done and was even able to proofread it. After I was done, I shut off my music and waited her to appear again. She did, but with a puzzled look on her face like she didn?t know what just happened. I have learned that music is my best weapon to vanquish the evil that is my watcher.
Watchers are of the most distracting things to come out of our heads. Even though they are just figments our imagination, we all must overcome them unless we are little kids. Most of us always have important things we must get done and can?t let our watcher distract us from it. If I can find a technique to rid myself of my watcher temporarily, anyone can. They can be stopped. I?m sure that our watchers have humiliated us in the past, but we can?t let that happen again. I have learned my lessons and now feel confident enough to finish my work by any means necessary. My watcher knows that I know its weak point and doesn?t even try anymore to distract me. Although, I haven?t fully been able to get rid of my watcher, it will always lurk inside of me waiting until I drop my guard again.

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