Biography On Fictional Celebrity

Biography On Fictional Celebrity
Dave Digler, whose real name is Eddie Guera, was born on the 24th of March, 1960. Dave grew up in Ascot Vale, Melbourne. Dave did not attend high school as he stayed home to take care of his alcoholic father who suffered from a bi-polar disorder. His mother had left him at a young age, and Dave believed this to be because of the stress his father had put his mother under with his disorder and alcoholic tendencies. Digler set out to find his mother, upon looking he found out that his mother was dead. Dilger instantly realized that this had been the work of his father. Digler could not face his father ever again and set off with nothing but a guitar and the clothes he was wearing.
Digler stayed on the streets for a few months and found a job building houses. He was paid under the table as he had no place of residence until one of his fellow workers, Pete Gray allowed him to stay in his spare room. Gray was in a band called ?The Bangers? they were a small pub band that traveled around Melbourne. After Gray overheard Dave singing at their house he asked if he would like to take his position in the band as lead singer. His career started to take at about this time and during a gig at a Collingwood pub a man by the name on Tony Slick offered Dave a record deal with shock records.

Dave took the deal and began his days of stardom. His first song entitled ?you got the touch? broke through to the top of the Australian music charts and stayed the for eight consecutive months breaking the record for the most consecutive weeks at number one on the Australian music charts. After this amazing achievement, the world?s highest regarded record label ?million dollar records? required him to move to the America.

Digler?s new lifestyle like many great rockers from the 80?s involved many scandals. Allegations of him seeking vengeance on his father spread like wild fire. He was becoming big headed; Digler became very violent after being introduced to cocaine by on of his fellow band members ?Eric Chan.? It was seen as sociable to do blow (using cocaine) in the 80?s. No health risks were drilled into their heads as they are today. The use of cocaine affected Digler?s performance on stage as he began to slur his words to the point where he was booted out of the band, until he cleaned up his act.

Digler was forced into rehab by a friend. Here he met the love of his life, Cindy Chi an ex high class stripper trying to kick her heroin habit. Cindy encouraged Digler to be a good person and give back to people. Together they started their own charity for homeless children called ?Digs Kids,? Digler finally had his life back on track. However, Cindy was soon overcome by greed as Digler gave her large amounts of money. She continued to use heroin and stay out for weeks, without contacting her husband. Digler had more money than he knew what do with as his band become more and more successful.

At the dawn of the 90?s Digler was forgotten, he was yesterday?s hero, the band split up and he began using blow again. His wife had also started using again and was beginning to look ill. Digler had no real friends left and his wife began to gamble away their money. Digler was over confident from the amount of coke he had been using and one night he bet 26 million dollars of his remaining 30 million dollar empire on a game of black jack. Digler lost it all and began beating the dealer saying that he had cheated. The dealer then sued Digler for two million dollars. Digler lost the case.

The night Digler lost the case Cindy offered him a hit of heroin. Digler was depressed enough to try anything. He only had two years left of his life after this night, after this decision. Digler?s addiction soon caused him to spend all of the money he had made in his life and he ended up stealing from the very charity ?Digs Kids? that he and his wife had created.

On the 2nd of March 1994 Digler?s wife overdosed in front of him, by the time he was sober enough to realise what had happened it was too late. Digler jumped front the 24th floor of the hotel he was staying at ending his life at the young age of only 44.

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