Abortion- Creative Writing

Abortion- Creative Writing
Will and Fran are two high school students who find themselves in a big predicament. Will and Fran have been going out for the last two years and have been sexual active over the past year. One night Will go over Fran?s house and there is know one home. They both start to get intimate with each other but Will realizes he has no condom. He persuades Fran she will not get pregnant and everything will be all right. They have sexual intercourse and they both agreed it was the best sex they ever had. Unfortunately, three weeks later Fran realizes that she is pregnant. Will and Fran decide not to tell their parents and handle the situation on their own. They have to decide on either to have the baby or have an abortion. Fran does not want to have that on her conscience so her decision is to keep the baby. Will ?s parents will kill him if they find out he is a father at the age of 17. Will keep persisted and trying to persuade Fran that it is a bad idea because they are so young and can?t raise a baby the way she would like to. It took two and a half months, but Will?s persistence paid off. Fran had the abortion for Will and after the procedure, everything was fine physical but mentally she was scared for life.
Agent- Briefly described as someone who has, is, or will act. In this case the agents are Will and Fran. Will is an agent due to that he is acting on Fran to have the abortion because he does not want to get in trouble with his parents and they are not responsible enough to handle a baby at such a young age. Fran act is making Will change her decision to have the abortion and actually partaking in the procedure.
Patients- Is basically defined as who or what is affected. In this particular case everyone involved is a patient. Will and Fran are affected because if they do not have the abortion they have to raise a baby at a very young age. If they have the abortion, they have to deal with the quilt of killing an innocent human being. The parents are affected even though they do not know about it because if they do have the baby they will be grandparents and have more responsibilities to help take care of him. If Will and Fran do not have the baby, the parents will have to deal with their children emotional status not even knowing what?s wrong with them because their children can not tell them. The baby is affected the most, even though he has no say in the decision making process. The baby will not have any chance to life his life because Will and Fran are afraid of the consequences of keeping him/her.
Acts- Briefly described is what is being done. In this specific case the act being done is Fran having the abortion and the killing of an innocent child.
Condition ? Is basically the state of the patients. Will and Fran are going to be in an emotional state of distress because they have came up with the decision to kill the child Fran was holding. The parents condition might be harmed as well because they will have help their child in their time of need without knowing what is truly bothering them. The baby?s state is disappointment. He was excited to come into a new world but his counterparts unfortunately were not.
Judges ? Basically decides the outcome. The judges in this case are Will and Fran. They both had the decision to both keep the baby and deal with their consequences or having an abortion and try to forget about it. The decision they made was to have the abortion and basically take the easy way out, although they will have to deal with the situation emotionally.

Congnitivism ? Asks the question is there moral knowledge and truth? With this specific situation the question of moral truth is whether or not they should have the abortion. The outcome is that they did have an abortion and they did not find any moral knowledge or truth with their decision.
Naturalism ? Briefly described as the value judgments can be justified through a method that parallels procedures in disciplines. Will and Fran made their judgment not with moral values but with the values of themselves in mind.
Intuitionism- Views value properties as unlike the factual properties to which naturalist?s appeal.
Will and Fran viewed their values of having an abortion decided that it was wrong but they both felt like they had no choice but to have the abortion.
Noncognitivism ? Basically covers a wide variety of theories. Some theories that Will and Fran went through was if they did have the baby their parents might not help take care of them and their life?s would be devoted to every minute of the child?s life. Yet, if they had the abortion their worries would be all but gone.
Emotivism- Briefly described ethics consist of a set of desires rather than a set of true or false statements. The ethics consisted in this case is when not whether it is morally right or wrong because they both know it is wrong, but to do what is in their own self-interest.
Prescriptivism- Briefly described is the foundations of normative ethics as well as value judgments. The foundation of this case is the consequences of right and wrong and which decision will be better for them not thinking of no one else.

A) Values ? Briefly described as emergence of needs. The emergences of needs in this case are whether or not they can handle the responsibilities of having and taking care of their baby.
Intrinsic- Briefly described as important state of being. In this particular case, I do not see any intrinsic values. Health, honesty, responsibility, clear conscience are defiently some that are not in this case. Will and Fran show none of these characteristics in and after their decision making process.
Extrinsic- Defined as activity of affair. The activity here is having the abortion. One extrinsic value used in this case is opinion. Will uses his opinion to persuade Fran to have the opinion of having the abortion.
B) Rules- Basically defined as guidelines for thinking and acting. The guidelines that Will and Fran use for thinking and acting are how their lives will change completely if they have the baby and how their emotional state of being will be if they have the abortion.
General- The general rule here is how Will and Fran will go have an abortion and kill and innocent human being just to protect themselves against any unnecessary pain.
Specific- The specific rule here is do not kill.
Unfortunately Will and Fran went through with the abortion and kill the child that Fran was carrying.
C) Facts- Basically defined as reality. The reality in this specific case is how Will and Fran must go threw an abortion because they had unprotected sex. The must face the consequences whether it be emotionally and physically.
Situation- The situation in this case is Will and Fran having the abortion not to create any further stress and not having the responsibility of taking care a of a child for the rest of their lives.
Context- The context here has to deal with having a baby and caring to all its needs or living with the quilt of killing an innocent human being.

The judgment is this specific case is a self-interest judgment. The reasoning for this is because Will and Fran had the abortion for themselves, to live their teens and early 20?s with as much freedom as they want. Without the burden of taking care of a baby that was not planned for. They did not think about what their parents might say or think or anyone else. Will and Fran just thought about themselves and their own self-interest, not at all thinking about the baby Fran was carrying. They made the decision to have the abortion and although they are not physical dealing with the consequences of taking care of the baby, they must deal with it emotionally that they took a life away that could of done anything.

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