Creative Writing: "makin Fones Ring"

Creative Writing: "makin Fones Ring"
Ok, this is easy. This is not realy phreaking, but still kind of phun.
This only works on Bell Atlantic fones and pay fones. All right, to make a Bell
Atlantic fone ring all you have to do is dial 811 then the last four digits of
the number from which you are calling. You will hear a dial tone as soon as you
do this. Hang up for about 3 seconds then pick up again, you will hear a strange
tone. Hang up, in 5 seconds the fone will ringWhen someone picks up the fone
they will hear the same tone you just heard. When the fone is hung up again it
will reset to normal. You can do this with home fones and pay fones. The phun
part is IT will keep ringing untill someone picks UP. You can do this with your
own fone and annoy your parents or when you go over to someone?s house. This is
phun to do at places with rows of pay fones, you can get them all to ring at

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