Jitters Coffee Restaurant- Creative Writing

Jitters Coffee Restaurant- Creative Writing
Jitters gourmet coffee has been around since 1972. The founders of the café originated from Nevada, where the first Jitters was born. People in Las Vegas have been enjoying Jitters coffee for years. The franchise in Tempe wasn?t built until the 80?s. But the history that is really interesting is the social history of the Jitters at Arizona State University located on University and College Street. Many people waltz in and out of Jitters everyday, you may even be one of these people who on route to class make a quick stop into the sandy brick building. But as you exit the building did you notice the small crack at the base of the wall. Where an upset employee threw a tray of mugs? Most likely not, This is one of the many stories that have been shared with me by employees of Jitters, regular customers of Jitters, and people who have never stepped foot into the café at all.
With a restaurant that has been around as long as Jitters has you are bound to have some good tales to tell. One begins with an innocent looking collegiate sophomore strolling into the café. As he strutted into the café with ill intentions he assessed the local talent residing within the edifice. He couldn?t help but want to sit next to the only dark haired woman sipping on a java in the corner. The attack was on, recognizing the book she was reading he approached her with a nonchalant question. ?Are you studying for the math test this week?? He knew she was, and her answer as expected was, ?yes?. It was all down hill from here. Playing the innocent schoolboy, he skillfully manipulated past her hesitant demeanor, and convinced her into studying with him that night at the cafe. He met her at Jitters as planned and the night turned into a great study session. Which he planned, as he did not want to seem overly aggressive or desperate. As the night winded down so did her guard, he asked her if she would like something to drink. She was very receptive to his proposal. He chose a nice expresso with a shot of amarettto. He could tell that after studying with her for the whole night she was trusting to his open conversation with her. He asked her about her current dating status, which was single, the attack now sped towards a closing. Acting as if he was concerned with her safety, he asked her if she wanted him to walk her back to her dorm. At first she said, ?no,? playing hard to get, but he rolled with it. And told her he had to walk that way anyway. At least his foot was still in the door. His last chance resided in the goodbye at the dorm room door. As they neared the dorm he constantly reminded her of how smart she was and how she didn?t have to worry about this math test being as intelligent as she was. When they reached her dorm and she whispered in his ear ?Would you like to come up and watch a movie?? Steve celebrated silently and replied ?if that?s alright with you? of course it was and so he did and to this day Steve and Jessica are still together, and frequent Jitters café as often as possible.
For this happy couple Jitters is a great place to mingle and meet people. But then there is the other side of the spectrum. Where Jitters serves as a job. One employee, Chrissy, has a completely different perspective. She sees another side of Jitters. She has been in the café daily for the past 2 years now, and has seen a lot occur. Chrissy?s feet sway around the café with the greatest of ease, which seems ironic when you follow her long skinny legs up to her head where her short spiky hair gives you an evil look. Nonetheless, she refills your glass of coffee with a smile and returns behind the counter to ?the lookout?, as she likes to call it. ?I?ve seen some weird things happen here man let me tell you? exclaims Chrissy. ?One night we were having open Mic night, and some student was reading a poem when the microphone went out.? After a slight laugh she regains her composure and finishes saying ?I think that boy pissed his pants or something because he just froze and left the café as fast as possible.? Yes there are thousands of funny incidents that happen in this building but what would a coffeehouse be without them? Chrissy asks later on in our conversation. They work hard at Jitters during the ?morning rush? there has been as many as 30 people in line waiting to devour a cup of coffee. But, while many people go in for the cup of coffee. There are those who frequent Jitters for another reason, for the great atmosphere. ?Yeah, we got regulars just like any other coffee house would I suppose, like take that girl over there Erica, she?s in here almost every day morning or night doesn?t matter, but that?s good you need people like her around keeps the place homely don?t ya think??
Erica sits on the sofa reading a microeconomics book. Studying for her test coming up next week. Her hair is dark and stands out against the faded yellow Northface fleece jacket she is wearing. You can barely see her toes curl up under her sandals, due to the oversized baby blue corduroys she is wearing, with no belt. As I approach her she glances up and our eyes collide. Hers are the deep kind, you know the sort, the type of eyes that seem to pierce your soul and reveal the inner most secrets about you every time they see you. Dumbfounded I say ?Hi?. She responds back ?hello to you, how can I help you?? How did she know I needed her help?
I explain my situation to her and she agrees to participate. I begin my questioning ?How does it feel to be a regular at Jitters?? when I am abruptly interrupted.
?Hold on a second, I?m no regular at this café!?
?Well you come here almost every day don?t you??
?Yeah, but I haven?t even been at school for a year yet, there is no way I?m a regular.?
" Then what is a regular?"
?I don?t know, but I went to the coffee shop back home everyday for 4 years and I don?t think I was regular until my senior year.?
?So you have to go to a coffee shop everyday for three years before you?re a regular there??
?No! I didn?t say that.?
?Yes you did.?
?UH well let me rephrase. A regular is someone who goes to a coffee house often enough to be recognized by others in the coffee house and by the workers there.?
?The waitress Chrissy knows you.?
?Yeah but that guys sitting over there doesn?t know me and he?s here way more than me.?
?Well another customer pointed you out as a regular to me too.?
?Don?t you have any real questions to ask me.?
?You never answered my first one.?
?Fine, but I?m not a regular.?
?Then what are you??
?A good customer.?
A smile comes over both of our faces now and we fall into a friendly laughter. Our conversation evolves and Erica goes on to explain how she just uses Jitters as a place to study. An escape from the repetitive dorm life, ?and to get away from my crazy roommate.? It seems somewhat ironic though that in trying to escape the repetitiveness of the dorm life. She found refuge only in the same sort of repetitiveness that occurs in a coffee shop. ?No, no one day in Jitters is never the same, never boring, never un-insightful? she says. As the sun dwindles down so does our conversation, I part with a smile on my face and begin to open the door to leave when Erica yells out ?I?ll be here tomorrow round the same time, stop by!? I nod back to her in silence and can?t help to give a small giggle on my way out. The regulars always come back.
Jitters is just one of those places where people want to be. Maybe it?s due to the sudden rise in demand for coffee, but probably not. I ?d like to think that it is something more than that. Something having to do, with the people that walk into Jitters, the stories that they have to tell. From their workers to their customers everyone holds a piece of the Jitter?s puzzle. It?s not just one thing that makes this café what it is, there are many things. Many stories untold, many people unheard, and definitely many more to come.
So how do all of these stories piece together? The answer to that is simple, they don?t. These stories true or false are recollections of people who have had some type of encounter with Jitters café. And what an amazing café it is. So, you can listen to people such as Evan Larkin who has never been to Jitters and states ?coffee houses are all the same, and Jitters is no different. It?s people who think they are better than everyone else and have an attitude, that?s not for me, only fags go there.? Or you can take the ½ mile walk from campus and find out for yourself. Now the choice is in your hands, ?I?ll be here tomorrow round the same time, stop by!?

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