Tragic Love Story- Creative Writing

Tragic Love Story- Creative Writing
It had been love at first sight, the day I met Tom. That stormy night
so many years ago, I can remember every last detail of it. The second
I?d seen him, our eyes had locked. He was tall, had chocolate brown
hair and eyes I could stare into all day. I knew instantly I was in
love. A mutual friend had seen the intent gaze we shared and
introduced us. And from then on, everything just got better and
better.It was like living a dream. He took me out to dinner, met my parents ? they loved him, he even agreed to come shopping with me. He?d have done anything for me, and I would have for him. We were literally inseparable. I remember when he had had to go away for two weeks on business. I nearly fell apart! I remember thinking to myself how there was no way I could ever survive without him, two weeks was bad enough. He?d proposed to me on the 22nd July, about 11 months after we first started going out. Our friends were surprised at how soon it all was, but we both knew we were meant to be together. We got married about 5 months after that, and it was the wedding I?d always dreamed of. It was purely coincidental that the wedding was in December, but that was fine by me. I?d dreamed of a white wedding for as long as I could remember. A dusty blue sky, glistening flakes of snow, a winter wonderland. Everything seemed like it was just meant to be when it began snowing only the day before the wedding. I was overjoyed, it was all just so perfect. I couldn?t believe it was really happening. I had the most amazing dress, white material that glistened when it caught the light. The church was full of flowers, white and pink roses. Snow fell lightly outside; I watched it through the great stained glass windows of the church. It was magical. Married life was just as wonderful as I?d imagined, we had the occasional argument, but whenever we did Tom would make the most romantic gestures to make up. Once he scattered red rose petals all over our bedroom and littered the place with candles, the day after we?d had a row. Not the most original thing in the world I know, but it worked. I couldn?t stay in a mood with him for long. We?d been trying for a baby for a long time, with no success. We?d even tried ivf treatment, but no such luck. As a last resort we were beginning to consider adopting ? neither of us particularly wanted to, but we were desperate for kids. So when I discovered I was pregnant we were both absolutely ecstatic. It was the cherry on the cake to the perfect relationship. I took extra care to do everything right leading up to the birth. Didn?t take a drop of alcohol; cut down on the caffeine ? my beloved coffee; made sure I read the label three times whenever I took any medication; I even gave up horse riding which I?d done since I was about five. I loved horses and I hated not being able to ride for nine whole months. But there was no way I was risking my baby, I was way too grateful just to be pregnant in the first place. Everything seemed to be going fine, I went for numerous scans and check ups and got the A-Ok each time. Leading up to the birth me and Tom were so excited albeit nervous too. We knew it was a girl and had got the spare room all done up for her arrival. Pink walls with ponies galloping across as a border. Tom?s father was great at carpentry and he hand-made a cot for us. It was beautiful, white wood with pink bows on the end. I couldn?t wait. It was a few weeks before she was due that I began getting stomach pains. Tom rushed me to the hospital straight away and I was awash with nerves as they informed us she was on her way already. After what seemed like hours of screaming and pushing, Lily was finally born. She was beautiful, but we both knew immediately that something was horribly wrong with her. She wasn?t crying, which you might think was a good thing. But it wasn?t. She wasn?t crying because she couldn?t cry. She was so weak she didn?t have enough energy to. Infact she didn?t have enough energy to do pretty much anything. She lay there, almost lifeless as I gazed desperately into her beautiful blue eyes. Please I begged her, please get better. But I was devastated as the doctors explained to me and Tom that Lily had an extreme case of bone marrow cancer which they had been unable to pick up on in the scans. As a result, her body was unable to fight infection. Tears rolled down my cheeks as the doctor continued to tell us that Lily would almost certainly die within days unless she got a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. But we were hit with even more bad luck as he told us Lily had an extremely rare blood and bone marrow type, meaning the waiting time for the next suitable donor would be too long. Lily would die. I cried as I felt my dream life slip away from me. But there was hope because Tom was found as a suitable match. It was incredibly lucky, and I thanked God or whoever must have been looking down on us. I smiled at Lily as I assured she was going to get better, I spent hours telling her how wonderful everything would be once we took her home. What a brilliant father Tom was going to be, what a lovely room she had. Every detail I could think of. I was sure everything was going to be alright again. How wrong I was. The doctor explained to us that it was a simple procedure to extract the healthy bone marrow from Tom and I kissed him as he went through to theatre. There was no doubt in my mind that everything was going to be alright, I don?t remember even worrying about Tom. Two hours later and I heard no news. I called for a nurse to find out. She went off and I waited anxiously for her return. Although even at this point, I was not worried. So caught up in my belief that everything was going to be ok, I hadn?t even considered the worst. But as the doctor walked solemnly into my room instead of the nurse fear crept up inside of me. I waited for him to tell me that the operation had been a success and Tom was waiting to see me. I broke down in tears though as the words ?I?m so sorry?? left his mouth. It couldnt be. It wasn?t possible. Everything was going to be ok, I knew it was, I?d told myself it was. He?d got it wrong, I wasn?t hearing right. ?Your husband had an extreme reaction to the anaesthetic we used during the operation. We?re so, so sorry Mrs Daniels..? I screamed with grief, I had no life without Tom. He was everything. I couldn?t go on without him. I?d rather be dead, at least we?d still be together. Suicidal thoughts swam about me and I looked down at Lily. She was going to be ok. They had got the marrow they needed for her, but at the expense of my darling Tom?s life. I didn?t care about her anymore, all I wanted was Tom. The pure bad luck and misfortune of it all teased me. Everything had been so perfect, and now the unluckiness of it all seemed unreal. As months went by, not a minute passed when I didn?t think of him. I talked to him everyday, it was the only way I could cope. At least if I convinced myself he was up there somewhere listening to me, and that I would see him again one day, I could get on with life, just. As I pulled myself back together, and learnt to live with my broken heart; I was appalled at myself for ever blaming Lily. She was possibly the one thing that kept me going and the only real thing that I had left of Tom.

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