George Washington's Speech

George Washington's Speech
We; If you do not remember anything of my speech, remember this one word, we. As a nation we are the youngest amongst all the others. But, we have the most heart amongst all other nations. We have a direction, a vision, a heartbeat. Many nations cannot say that. In 1770 Nathaniel Jay Right said, ?It is not the strengths of a hero that defines who he is; it is his enemy?. We as a nation have united and broke away from our oppressing fathers of the British. Our triumph as a nation defined who we were, better yet, who we are. Ladies and gentlemen of the United States, I am not interested in leading you or being your leader of any sort. Let me serve you. Let me serve you the same way I served you when we fought against the British. Let me grow with you, learn with you, bleed with you and tear with you. I stood with you through the French and Indian war. I stood with you through the American Revolution. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am George Washington.
Personally when I was told to run for the highest place in office I was strongly against it. I just wanted to go back to my humdrum, but, predictable life of being a planter. But, my friends from the House of Burgesses, especially Edward Braddock, convinced me that my nation and my people need me. When I asked Edward why I should run for president, he said the United States needed a leader with my kind of political standpoints. I knew he was referring to my strong belief of equality and the abolishment of slavery. I strongly believe we should get rid of this aspect of our economy, even though now in my old age I could use a slave on my farm. I believe it is a dirty and inhuman business. Two years ago when I was elected president of the constitutional convention (1787) , the two things I wanted to stress the most was the abolishment of slavery and the forming of a strong central government. If I become president, I will strongly stress these issues. A country without a strong central government is like a train without coal, it doesn?t go anywhere. This can be found in the formation of the House of Burgesses. When I was a member at the House of Burgesses, I realized our inability to do anything because we had no power. Of course, if we do have a strong central government, it will derive all of its powers with the consent and close watch of its colonies, not the other way around. If I become president, one aspect of government that I will strengthen is the protection of civil liberties. I believe out of all the wrongs the British did to us the most atrocious action they did to us was taking away our civil liberties. Taking away the very aspect of freedom of speech is an inhuman act. If we do not have that freedom what separates us from any communist country. What was the good of our lawmaking body if we had no voice in it?
In terms of economy, I plan on building an economy that puts money into the pockets of every person, whether they are rich or poor. I already have planned and blueprinted a plan that will take the United States out of dept and will put us above the economic status we are at now. I for one believe that creating an economy where only the merchants and the wealthy landowners prosper, is an economy bent for failure or revolution between the rich and the poor. I believe the high class is something that is and should be accessible to everyone. I intend on doing this by using only tax money towards land that will go to the lower class people. Of course the higher class people will benefit but, the people that really need the money will get it. In other words, if I become president life for the masses will improve. When it comes to taxes, I know how that word makes most of the United States cringe. If I do tax the people, it will be with the consent of the people and for the people. And of course, your taxation will be represented. I see an America that is improved because of them. They will look on with pride at the nation that they created.
I also believe an untapped part of our economy that was not used against the war against the British, but has a great amount of power, is the use of women in our economy. My loving wife, Martha Dandridge Custis, took excellent care of my farm after I left for the British war. I believe women deserve the same amount of civil liberties as men. In terms of economy, if I am president women will have an increased role in the economy. Of course their will be restrictions but women will be a part of our economy.
In terms of foreign policy, I believe the best foreign policy is avoiding foreign countries. If I become president I will work to get our economy on its feet without getting into war and without putting ourselves in anymore debt. We are a very young nation and we need to grow far more before we mingle with the other countries. I plan on making treaties with other countries that shows we are on good basis with them, but I plan on having a government that allows it to be self sufficient. All the other nations will be on terms of neutrality.
I strongly believe that the constitution should be strictly followed, since I was once of the people that ratified the constitution, I believe it is not flawed. I believe it formed a very good guideline for most situations and the situations that haven?t been outlined are left up to the government to be interpreted.
One thing that I will strongly stress if I do become president is the importance of central government. The one thing that helped us defeat the British was the unity that we held against them, because I believe the strength of our federal government is more important that the power of the states.
For those of you who don?t know my resume, as to why I should be president, I would like to list some of my accomplishments. I led the American forces during the Revolutionary war. I was named the President of the constitutional convention. I have prior leadership skills because I was named overseer of Shenandoah Valley as well as Culpeper county. I have traveled to Barbados and have experience is foreign affairs. I was part of the first class of Virginia Militia and was honored to warn the French on a brave expedition in the French and Indian war. As far as education goes, I did not go to schools like many of the other candidates did because my parents could not afford it but my reputation does precede me.
In conclusion, at the end of the day it is the people?s choice, not the ruler?s, who rules them. And I cannot say anything more to make you choose me as your leader. All I can say is that I am not on another level than you. God has not chosen me and I am flawed. All I know is if I am president I will serve you to the best of my ability.

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