A Friend's Sacrifice in Battle

A Friend's Sacrifice in Battle
I am Shalin and I am a protector of my town Yaguai. I would always protect it alongside my most dearest friends Ruby and Hyuga. Today a heart breaking and fearful event has taken place and I will never forget it.

It all started like any other normal day .me, my friends and a group of soldiers Would go to the battlefield and fight for our country against two other clans,Jinhongs and Fujins . These two clans are strong but both with advantages and disadvantages. The jinhongs lack in speed but make up for in strength. The Fujins lack in strength but make up for in speed and good armour.As I approached the battlefield I could smell a very aggressive and repulsive Smell of death and bloodshed which I have never smelt so much of. The more close got a dark fog started to shroud the battlefield in pure darkness. The fog started to get thicker like a solid brick wall, as our sight slowly weakened away to almost see nothing as if we were blind, We could not move now because of this we could not see the land in front of us. ?ill handle this no need to worry? said ruby who was the only one who was eligible do such a thing. She pulled out a weapon which had the ability to control the element of wind. she rotated the weapon slowly increasing its speed like a cheetah accelerating and suddenly picking up great speed. She then started to spin the wind around her in a direction towards the sky and the wind then dispersed in so many directions taking the fog with it, as it disappeared into thin air.

After the fog disappeared we were starting to see the area around us. I looked around and in horror I saw dead bodies of fujins
Lye on the floor , blood drops from there cold veins and surrounds the area like a never ending ocean.

We were all terrified at the same time filled with anger. We were so outraged without thinking we charged our way into jinhong land. The feelings and emotions which I felt at this moment was only hate and anger . All that I want to do is punish them for their vigorous behaviour. As soon as we got to the river we jumped into the dark blue and shining sky. For a moment I felt that all my anger and emotions were put back of my heart and I felt at ease when I saw the sky glimmering beautifully. we came down like soaring dragons and as soon as we suddenly all my hate and anger came rushing back . We all drew our weapons as I drew my sword ready to deliver what they disserve and hopefully come out alive.

The amount of jinhongs were outrageous. By seeing so many ruby shouted in fear ?oh my god? as the jinhongs came running towards us like if they were expecting us. every step they came closer my heart pounded with fear faster and faster!.

The jinhong jumped in to the air savagely as I jumped into the air to counter his attack it felt that time has been slowed down for a few several seconds then when his spear touched my sword a huge thunderous clash waved into my face and felt as if it surpassed through me suddenly time resumed its normal speed and I came plummeting towards the ground luckily unharmed but the jinhong crashed into the earth around him that spread in disperse on feeling his weight.

I feared not that this was the end, although amazingly we were wining.
I looked to my right and my heart froze when I saw ruby lie on the floor with a sharp weapon through her chest as her veins turn cold like ice. I quickly ran to her aid, as soon as I got there she was breathing heavily, suddenly her eyes widened as she jumped up with her last bit of remaining energy in front of me .I turned and I saw a weapon half way through my back at did not know what had happened to my dear friend ruby.

I wake up in yanghai hospital , I grabbed hyuga saying ?where?s ruby what happened to her? . only to hear sadly that in battle she sacrificed her self to take the blow from the weapon but only partly damaging me and before that jinhong could deliver the final blow to end my life hyuga was able to block the attack . Now I feel that I am responsible for my friends death and I will never rest until I destroy them utterly the for what

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