Creative Writing- Characters from To Kill a Mockingbird

Creative Writing- Characters from To Kill a Mockingbird
I am Jean Louise Finch, but you should all know me as Scout, Atticus? daughter. Atticus was a great father, a real role model. He, along with the help of Calpurnia and Aunt Alexandra made me who I am today. Within me Atticus instilled his strong sense of morality and justice. Also, in my younger days, Atticus was one of the few residents in Maycomb committed to racial equality which added to the thousand of reasons why I admired him so much.
My mother passed away when I was just 2 years old. As I grew older I tried hard to remember her although I never succeeded but Atticus helped me along. He was my mother and father in one, always so caring and supportive.
Atticus was the only one I truly looked up to. He would pick me up if I should fall or even if I was sad he would wipe that tear away from my cheek, never letting it hit the ground. He always seemed to know how to turn my frown upside down. He made sure I got the best out of my education, even before I walked through the school gates he had already taught me to read and write, though Miss Caroline didn?t like that too much. He was a good man with good morals. Atticus was independent and loved everything and everyone. He taught me that when someone was saying bad things or doing bad things, as much as I wanted to punch them in the face, I had to hold my head high, and keep those fists down. He first told me this during his trial with a black man by the name of Tom Robinson. The trial took place during my second year of school. Atticus was willing to risk his social standing, professional reputation, and even his physical safety in order to defend a poor, black labourer falsely accused of raping a white woman. Serving for no fee, Atticus heard the call of justice. This time was tough for the whole family. All the children and all the adults of the town ridiculed us and at the beginning it made my life so hard. I was always so confused as to why everyone hated him so, even though he was a court appointed lawyer and didn?t have any choice in the matter.

Atticus was always there for me, he answered all my questions with no hesitation, when I fell out of line he would put me back on track and when I was sad or confused he would help me see the light. No matter what, he was always there. That?s one of the many reasons he was such a good father.

Atticus also contributed so much to the community. Miss Maudie Atkinson once described him to me as the man who did the towns dirty work when no one else would. He didn?t care what people thought of him. As long as Jem and I were safe, nothing else really mattered. As you all know, Atticus was a lawyer. He was very devoted to his work and took every case that came his way with 110%.

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