Creative Writing: At Sea during War

Creative Writing: At Sea during War
Suddenly, a missile hit Seb?s ship. He was sent flying into the back of the kitchen, slamming the side of the oven, while it was frying pork sausages. The blood trickled down his cold pale face as, he lay there wedged under the boiling oven, wondering why he lied about his age?
As he tried to ease himself out from underneath the oven, every part of his body felt agonizing pain. The lights inside the submarine went out and he could see the windows framed by the darkness. In the dark silence he could hear the men?s shouts and screams and distant whistle of a torpedo approaching. Then it hit the front of the submarine! The blast caused the submarine?s doors and windows to explode open. Seb knew this was his last chance to escape or he knew he would die!

Everything now seemed to be happening in slow motion. Bodies floated past him, equipment and personal belongings were gushing out the openings. Seb held his breath and pushed himself out through the door space and out into the dark freezing ocean and up to the surface.

Seb grabbed hold onto a piece of metal and waited, hopefully the alarm had been raised and some one would come to save him. Suddenly, he felt under the water something stroke past his legs. He turned around in the water and in front of him was a large blue and white shark with dark black eyes. He saw a knife floating past him and caught it and stabbed the shark in the face.

Night falls, and Seb was still floating in the water. Minutes turned to hours and his thoughts went back to his family at home. He tried to stop himself from crying but he could not. Why did he lie about his age to the Navy Officer why did he say he was 20 and not really 16! Was he on his own or not? That moment he saw two black fins swimming towards him ? was this the end or not???..?

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