Creative Writing Shapelle Corby is Guilty

Creative Writing Shapelle Corby is Guilty
?Your Honor I will commence my case today by stating the facts that will ascertain Shapelle Corby?s guilt. I have five compelling reasons why Shapelle Corby should be convicted.?

?First. Shapelle?s prime witness, John ford. All evidence created by the witness was hearsay, unfounded information. He did not witness any of the facts behind his allegations. Just said what he had heard from other people. There was no actual proof that the drugs were planted in Shapelle Corby?s bag.?
?Second. The marijuana that was found with Shapelle Corby was shaped in the same position as the body board in the bag. The defendants? case rests on the notion that the drugs were planted in her bag by somebody else. But! For this to have happened it would have been done very quickly because the defendant had said that she had the bag with her at all times. If someone had planted the drugs in her bag it would have been rough and rushed, the weight would be uneven and the weight would be noticeable because it would sag to the side it was stuffed into. But since the 4.1 kilo grams of marijuana were practically molded to the shape of the board, it seems exceedingly unlikely that someone else had put them there.?

?Third. The defendant did not use any scientific evidence on the drugs, neither D.N.A or fingerprint evidence on the marijuana or the bag itself. To help avoiding proving her guilt.?

?Fourth. When approaching Bali airport, Shapelle required assistance to carry her bag, once customs/quarantine was reached and an officer asked her to open up her bag the defendant hesitated and refused to open up her bag, proving guilt.?

?I will now break the defendant?s main points on insuring her innocence.?

?Another of the defendant?s main arguments was how could someone that works at a fish n? chip shop have the money to be able buy 4.1kilo grams of marijuana?
The answer is simple, she may not had to buy the drugs she be repaying a debt to someone or could be transporting the drugs from one place to another, a middle man.?
?Also Shapelle said, that if she were to carry drugs she would lock her bag, not leave it open. This could of straightforwardly been a preparation so that if she did get caught with the drugs she could say that in her defence.?

Standard of proof in Australia, the prosecutor must prove evidence beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. In Indonesia the defendant has to prove innocence rather than to prove guilty which is a great deal harder.

?Shapelle Corby has been unsuccessful to provide enough evidence to corroborate her innocence. She could not establish the account that the dugs were planted in her bag, no witness saw it happen. Furthermore no one admitted doing it.?

?The presumption of innocence does not apply in Indonesia as it does in Australia, if caught red handed the defendant is obliged to prove rather than prosecutor having to prove guilty. She must show irrefutable evidence of innocence.?

?In a situation like this the court has to look at the burden of proof.
She has been caught red handed which is already beyond reasonable doubt, therefore guilty.
There has not been one scintilla of evidence to prove her evidence that someone planted the drugs.?

The defence has failed to meet the requirements to ascertain the burden of proof of her innocence. On the basis of the evidence as it stands before the court. Shapelle Corby is guilty.

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