Creative Writing: The Story Of The Three Little Pigs

Creative Writing: The Story Of The Three Little Pigs
1. Upon a time there lived a homely hog woman, and her three straplings.
They lived in a bare brush hut in the forest, and they did live in squalor, and
they were tortured by many hooligans and wild beasts.

2. On one day, a wolf came to pester forsooth. And he did huff and he
did blow, and he did blow yon pighut down. The hog woman did send her young into
the wilderness to escape the beast, and they did so. Thus the wolf did eat the
poor hog woman.
3. Thus the three pigs were sent into the world to fend hunger, and
thirst, and cold. The pig of lineage closest to the hag pig, did set himself
apart from his brother and went his merry way. The next oldest pig set himself
apart from his next of kin, and went on his own way. The youngest pig did build
a hut of grass. The middle child did make a hut of sticks, and he could be seen
in the distance carrying a fagot across his back. The third and oldest pig did
build a house of bricks for he did know much about architecture.

4. The wolf did look upon these happenings with slavering jowls, and
dripping snout. How did resolve to blow down these lodgings and gobble the
inhabitants on the morrow. And on that morn, he blew upon the hut of straw, and
he did gobble the pig into quivering chunks. Then he went to the house that
beheld the second pig, And he did blow it down, and he did devour the pigeon
inside. When he got to the third house, the Great Pig Snortimer was awaiting him.
This was the last and oldest pig, and he did wield a great Claymore sword. With
one chop the pig did lop off the head of the evil wolf, and blood did steam and
there was much rejoicing. Then the remains of digested pig did ooze out of the
cut. The Great Pig Snortimer did apply healing herbs to the chunks of pig, and
the pigs were restored, and there was much rejoicing.

5. Thus the pigs did wallow and rejoice in the blood of the wolf, and
they did rest in the house of the Great Pig Snortimer for the rest of their days.

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