Themewriting is Writing Itself

Themewriting is Writing Itself
In deciding as to what I would write my paper on, I ran through the various topics that were discussed in class. Being that the paper topics were left to our discretion, gave me a feeling of confusion and frustration. I have always been used to the typical format done by the majority of teachers in assigning exactly what we were supposed to write about, but this time ?I? was in charge. Then it hit me. Why not write about the implantation of teaching students to write themewriting and the affect it has had on the skill of writing in general. What I believe about writing is that, writing has lost its? aesthetics and has become an art practiced by authors and not a skill practiced by the general public. I can recall countless assignments in which a writing assignment gave me great difficulty because I couldn?t adapt to the general style practiced by my classmates. Plus if I didn?t change my style of writing my grade would suffer. So then, I began to write like the populous and as I became a better themewriter my creativity and originality suffered.
This might sound silly, but I believe that true original writings come out in misspellings and clutter. Only upon revision and a moment to really slow down, does the writer have a chance to look over what he/she has written. Thus making it good writing. I can honestly say that except for one teacher in my years of writing have I ever learned a damn thing about writing. His name was Mr. Youngberg and he taught creative writing. I loved his class. I was a chance for me to just write and not worry about adapting other writers styles. He did not tell his students what to write about nor did he refer to other books or poems that have been written. The thing that he did was spark our creative side and help us to find ourselves in what we wrote. Heck, we even did meditation exercises that when the music stopped we would be expected to write about something. Not anything in particular, just whatever we thought of while we were relaxing. Because of the appreciation for writing that I gain from his class it hard, at first, to write themewriting. I felt like I was just spitting out the same old shit that I have learned or heard in other classes, but this time I was just changing the title. Now it seems that I am still fighting with myself to find that appreciation once again.

You know, when you read the letters of long dead soldiers from the 19th century it seem that everyone wrote with emotion. There was not the standard crap that exists today. Instead you had all the emotions of the solider writing to his wife and it gave me the feeling that if that paper could bleed it would. I feel that english teachers today are destroying that creative spark that we write with and replacing it with the latest textbook version on what makes a good writer. Now, I have had classes on the advance writing to the art of writing poetry. What I am talking about is not searching for that innermost message that has been secretly hidden by the author. What I am talking about is just the basics. Such as the development of free thought, the breaking away from the grip of themewriting and knowing when to use the various styles of writing in different situations. Of course themewriting is the way to go when asked to do a report on the country of Germany, but maybe english teachers could show how writing by your own style, your own individuality can make your papers sand out. Heck, that is the general problem of our whole society, nobody wants to stand out. Instead we just live in our suburban, automatic garage door opening closed shell of a place we call our town. I will however admit, that I have been accused of throwing a tangent, and taking my style of writing a little too far; but heck, I am on my junior year of college and frankly I don?t give a shit.

In the case of my writing style, I here it all the time that I look at things differently or my teacher will say, ?I never thought of it that way?. Maybe they should be saying, ?gee that?s original.? However that would be in a perfect world and the reality is that when he/ she says that my paper is different it usually means change it.

Are our high school teachers to blame? I believe yes and no. First of all, the high school I went to was mainly a pre college school in which 97% of the students went off to college. So, in order to gear up the student?s for college writing their task was to teach us how to write good and fast. By writing like this it allowed me to complete assignments as fast as possible but without deep original thought. On the negative side, I think the writing classes I have taken, in general, have not promoted me in the skill of intellectual writing. They failed to show me how I can reach original thought and still write efficiently and properly.

Has writing become an art? Well that is all in how you look at it. Writing has become something that many people are not eager to do, and will only write if they must. For example, if a Prof.. says that the test ill be essay most people get upset and worried. The thought of writing in an organized manner in which you eliminate all the bullshit and explain what you know in paragraph form usual scares people. However, just the opposite is for me. I prefer essay test questions because it forces me to really understand the material, and it gives me the opportunity to explain my answer. So that even though I may have the answer wrong the Prof.. can see where I am coming from.

On the bright side; I think that with the increase use of the internet has lead to a rejuvenation of the skill of writing. It is far faster and more efficient to send someone e-mail and people are able to express themselves just as well if not better than letters. I can not remember the last letter I sent someone but if someone were to ask me the last e-mail I sent it would of been moments ago. Plus, people are able to add their own pictures, favorite sayings, icons, and any other thing that they may want the reader to see.

Lastly, I am going to put a quote by Curtis Johnson, a fellow class member who sparked my topic for this paper.

I understand how it feels to not be able to write down the feelings I have. To not be able to express the feeling that I have in words. That may be the result of themewriting, I don?t know." Then asks, "Can I blame that on my high school teachers? When they told me how to write and what to write? Or must the blame fall on me? Or is there no one to blame?
That little paragraph was enough for me to decide what I felt I must write on. Knowing that I am not the only person who has had trouble with expressing feelings and knowing that we are not to blame. Nor are the teachers. This is what scholarly writing has become. Themewriting is writing itself.

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