Defining Myself through Writing

Defining Myself through Writing
I can write in various voices and styles and about various topics; with each piece I hope to represent different aspects of who I am. I need not say ?This is me?, but I show through now and then; sometimes more strongly than others as can be assumed. In writing I allow my true self to show, I can express myself and experiment with different styles. I will warn you that my writing is never too risqué, I remain quite practical and composed.
Composed. I?ll make that into a verb and say that in writing ?I compose.? Strange that I have a strong love for music yet have never tried to write it. I stay with stories, poems and essays.

My first essay for Expository Writing entitled ?Metaphorically Speaking? expressed my dull self. I knew this when I finished and racked my brain trying to think of something creative to speak metaphorically about but could not get past the practical part of me that says ?Education is like a part time job.? In this essay I am a student and employee speaking in first person. I don?t delve too far into what they are other than seeing them as temporary work. I take a simple approach in analyzing and comparing my life in both environments.

I speak confidently in ?Metaphorically Speaking? due to experience. I don?t sound ecstatic over the positions I now hold but I am content knowing they are temporary. I know that I will make the best of my education in college and my part time job and with continued success will go beyond. In this paper I am simply a student and employee and sound like one, be it dull.

Experience was also used in ?Coming Full Circle? . I gave a ?play by play? of what is expected from students by teachers from elementary school on up. I spoke with ?College Student Wisdom?, reflecting on what I have written in the past and realizing that the writing I do now is similar to that which I wrote in elementary school; I write to please myself, to be myself and enjoy.

Though it is just a blip of writing, ?Sounds of Cross Country Skiing? represents me in my world of nature and heightened awareness ?where I so often long to be. After it was read in class without my name mentioned a student next to me that knows me little from previous classes said ?That was you wasn?t it? I knew it was! It sounds like you.? The skier could?ve been anyone. I was ?The Silent Skier? and allowed my surroundings to speak for me as I observed.

?Influences and Reality? was interesting to write. I had never looked so closely at why I read what I do I why I write so similarily to what I read. I?m firmly grounded in how my family has influenced me and by my environment. In this essay I was the daughter of a brick and stone mason and of a mother who?s idea it was to buy a resort (thankfully). I am the sister to three brothers who love hunting and fishing and the member of a close family who has great respect and love of the outdoors, hard labor and who we are. I write from these perspectives; from my reality.

E-mail discussions are lax and quick. Here I am an observer and responder. I don?t know those I write to well so I lack emotion in these ?letters? ; the same emotion I lack when speaking to them face to face perhaps. I write to e-mail as ?Denise. In this class. Not enough time to be lengthy.? I am abrupt in what I say when I take time to say anything. Again, I?m a college student. Excuses, excuses.

Outside of Expository Writing I remain myself in writing. If I write a story I won?t neseccarily be a character but my view will be apparent, my experiences will lend credence to my composition. I never try to be the ?hero? or ?victim?, I am me (I could go off on a ?Saturday Night Live? quip about now). I find that there is so much to write about those I know, where I grew up, my family, and creating fiction that contains pieces of real life that I have no need or desire to write anything sci-fi or fantasy when my interest lies in what I know.

What I do in writing is compose what I have observed. Realistic and practical is how I see it, as well as others. I once had a comment written that I sounded ?Motherly?. Hmm. I suppose I do take it that far at times.

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