Can Writing Be Fun?

Can Writing Be Fun?
Writing and school work, to be honest, have always been at the bottom of my list for things that I enjoy doing. I can remember from as early as grade 1 having great difficulty in most areas of school work. I have always had a great anxiety about completing assignments or having to read the required books, I went through all of high school having never read a complete book. It?s not that I think I am stupid but just not interested in these types of activities. I find it hard to keep my attention focused on reading when there are so many great things, or maybe not so great things, out in the world to think about. Now don?t get me wrong, I could read all day long about how to make my car faster or my dirt bike jump higher but writing something uninteresting to me makes it hard to be creative. Lacking the creativity to write causes me more anxiety and makes it that much harder to write. So, how do I spark my creativity and make writing a more enjoyable activity?
My weaknesses in writing are what cause my writing process to get stuck in the mud. I have always had the problem of finding exactly what to say. I usually start out the writing process from a blank, no draft, no structure, just straight forward free writing. I start to get worried about what I am writing and then just write things down till the word count button reads the minimum amount of words that the teacher has set forth. I find it very hard to be creative with my writing when I am just worried about how I am going to get it done.
Finding my strength in writing will help make writing a lesser evil. Knowing what causes my writing weakness will be my greatest strength. I do have strengths in writing that I would like to take advantage of, like having a good imagination or even using my computer to help with grammar mistakes. I find it much easier these days writing with the help of a computer. I can spend more time on my thought process than time spent figuring out the correct spelling of a word. I also find that now, in college, I am finding great ways to strengthen my writing. Learning how to structure my papers, brainstorming, and drafting are all things that I had never learned as a student in the past.
Learning the correct techniques and knowing my weaknesses are helping me to use my imagination more and spend less time worrying about getting it over with. When I can start my paper from a point that is simple to me, like brainstorming, it makes it much easier to think of things that I want to write about. Now that writing is becoming easier, I am learning to enjoy it more and worry about it less.

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