Sir Gawain Speaks

Sir Gawain Speaks
This monologue represents an exercise in creative writing. It was created to convey something that Sir Gawain might say:

Sir Gawain I am, and I am very pleased to meet you. I?ve just returned from the Green Chapel where I suffered the most humiliating experience at the hands of the Green Knight. I did my best to uphold the code of chivalry by being courteous, truthful and loyal. Somehow I let my guard down and failed. And yet, the Green Knight and my companions of the Round Table laughed at my situation. For some reason they do not see that I?ve failed; instead they seem to think that I?ve just been human. But I still feel that is no excuse?
You see, the Green Knight showed up at Uncle Arthur?s New Year?s celebration and offered a challenge. Uncle Arthur was going to take it. But I, being the weakest, thought the loss of my life would be less great. I took the challenge to uphold the honor of the Round Table. I struck the Green Knight and off his head rolled. But he just picked up his head and rode out of the hall. I guess it was then I knew I was in trouble.

A year passed quickly, and it was time I set out to meet the Knight to receive the return blow. On Christmas Eve I found myself a welcomed guest at the castle of Sir Bercilak. The whole time I was there I was unable to put my impending death at The Green Chapel out of my mind. Bercilak and I had a deal that whatever we won each day, we would turn over to the other. He hunted furiously while I rested at the castle. Each night he offered me the fruits of the hunt while I offered him no more than the kisses I received from his wife, which leads me to my next point.

Bercilak?s wife was so insistent! I was constantly conscious of her feelings, and I tried to rebuff her with the utmost courtesy. After all, I did not want to be rude. Yet I could hardly be disloyal to her husband after he had welcomed me into his home. And so, after being pursued for three days, it seemed that I could somehow accept her gift, possibly save my own life, and not offend Bercilak either if I only kept the girdle gift a secret. I knew it was wrong, but my desire to live got the best of me. I only hope that now that I faced it, this will make me a nobler knight.

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