I Am Ignorant

I Am Ignorant
Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty (Mark Twain)

When I began my undergraduate studies, I only vaguely anticipated the number of books, the infinitude of ideas, the magnitude of creative urges that existed. Now that I have finally come to some awareness of what it means to be educated, I realize that I am not. Graduate study seems an opportunity to continue studying, but more profoundly, more independently, and with more direction than ever before.
I have loved studying at the University, and have tried to make the fullest uses of the rich resources here. But leaving the University, leaving the United States, to study abroad would expose me to such an entirely new range of people and possibilities. I want to continue in my education because I cannot imagine discontinuing it, and more, because I have a singularly exciting opportunity before me. As my peers are preparing job applications and buying business suits, I want nothing more than to spend another few years in Scotland, learning about its tremendous tradition of scholarship and endeavor, and hoping to contribute something to such a tradition.

The past few years have been enriching beyond all expectations. Specifically, the classes in music, modern literature, and narrative nonfiction writing. These are the fields I am most interested in. My college years have allowed me to focus on a few specific fields, not to mention regions, of interest. My school work this academic year has been particularly influential in my decision to continue on next year as a post-graduate. I have been researching and writing a major thesis about modern American narrative nonfiction for my program of study here at the University. The process has been thrilling, simply put. Working independently, under the supervision of carefully-chosen advisors, has been at times frustrating, but more often enlightening, revealing my strengths and weaknesses both.

I look forward to working on an advanced degree at the University of xxx because it will allow me to continue doing relatively independent work, in combination with more structured class work. I hope, also, that I may have the opportunity to continue on for a PhD. in a narrower field. I have spent the fall semester here, reading s on my own. In spring, I will be taking an independent survey, of my own design. If I am fortunate enough to attend the University of xxx, I will read for the advanced degree, a twelve-month course of study.

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