Review of There's A Cow In The Road

Review of There's A Cow In The Road
There?s a Cow in the Road By: Reeve Lindbergh is a great book for beginning readers ages 6-9. It?s very well written and very appropriate for beginning readers. The illustrations are by Tracey Campbell Pearson. They are very creative, fun, and appropriate for readers. The story is about a girl preparing for school. Meanwhile she is surprised by all the barnyard animals gathering in the road outside.
When I first started to read this book I was surprised at how organized it was. The book is genius by any means. It?s not too long and it isn?t too short either. The illustration?s give great detail to what the author is writing about. For example on page one the author writes: ?There?s a cow in the road! And it sure is a shock, when I first wake up, at seven o?clock.? The illustration shows a girl on her hands and knee?s peering out her window to see a cow that?s standing in the road. In the corner of her bed you can see a clock that reads seven o?clock. The words correspond with the illustrations to make a very fun and organized book to read.
I feel the words in this book are very appropriate. They are also very fun. The words rhyme and they are a little repetitious to make it easier and fun to read. To me the words evoked a sort of laughter as I read the book. The words used by the author to describe in detail about each barnyard animal is a great example of just how well written this book really is. ?There?s a horse in the road! And he?s full of tricks as I comb my hair at seven twenty-six. He?s twitching his tail and tossing his mane. He?s a handsome horse but a little bit vain. There?s a horse in the road! All ready to go. He doesn?t look sleepy and he doesn?t look slow.? Again, the artist?s drawings for depictions of the author?s descriptions of the barnyard animals are just fun and very amusing for young children.
I like the author?s use of time in this short story. Every time we see it, the girl is doing something new to get ready for school and a new animal is introduced. The story to me signifies the challenges it takes to get ready in the morning when you?re a little kid. Especially with all the distractions kids manage to find to amuse them. I feel the mood and emotions of this poem are that of happy, exciting, confusing, and thrilling.
We have here this little girl who gets up in the morning to go to school and notices a cow in the road. Then as she getting ready she notices more and more animals showing up every time the cow moo?s at her. Now the girl is confused and just excited and thrilled and starts to rush though all her morning challenges to get out to the street and play. The objects feelings I believe for the most part are very simple and render kind of a happy emotion. There are animals on the child?s bed and the nature outside is very colorful. The house is very simple and big because kids like simple and big things. The cars are cool looking and you can clearly see the happy emotions that are coming from the children in the cars passing. It?s kind of funny that you can also make out a license plate number just to show the illustrator cares and shows great detail in her objects.
I believe the people in the story as depicted show mainly happy emotions, but you can see also that there is also a petrified paper boy who is frightened by all the animals. It also looks like some stress in the story as well. The illustrator does a great job at depicting the emotions of people in this story. We have the little girl who?s happy to see all the animals arrive in front of her house. The parents trying to get their other small children fed and dressed. There are people passing on the road taking pictures of the animals and stopping to watch all the animals roam aimlessly in the street outside this little girl?s house. It is very interesting each page you turn to see how the artist depicts the next page.
I don?t even want to think about what illustrations could possibly further accompany this short story poem. The author did such a great job at picking an illustrator that depicted here story as well as she wrote it. I am very impressed with Tracey Campbell Pearson. She is truly an amazing artist and gives even the littlest things in this book detail. I can not imagine how this book would have turned out without her illustrations in it. If I had to add illustrations I probably wouldn?t have made the paper boy so scared of the animals although it does make the story a little bit funnier.
In conclusion There?s a Cow in the Road! By: Reeve Lindbergh and illustrations by: Tracey Campbell Pearson is an amazing book for beginning readers ages six through nine. I would recommend it to anyone in my family or even friends who have little kids between those ages because it is a truly wonderful book. If I could rate this book for beginning readers on a five star scale I would give it 5 stars.

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