EE cummings

EE cummings
Not every day, a writer changes the way people write forever. ee Cummings created his own style of writing, and many people use it to this day. Before Cummings all writing was based on the rules, Cummings made his own rules. Cummings writings have influenced many writers to make there own rules. Cummings had an amazing life. Not only was Cummings a writer but also an artist. Cummings was very intelligent, Cummings parents knew this and encouraged him to develop his creative gifts early in his life. Cummings work experiences changed his life forever. ee Cummings is more widely imitated and more easily appreciated than any other modernist poet.
Edward Estlin Cummings was born, October 14, Cambridge, Massachusetts to Edward and Rebecca Haswell Clarke Cummings. THe cummings household include at various times Grandmother Cummings, miss jane cummings ("Aunt Jane"), EEC?s maternal uncle, george clarke, and younger sister elizabeth ("Elos"), who eventually marries Carlton Qualey. eec attends Cambridge public schools,
Cummings parents encouraged him to develop his creative gifts early in his life. Cummings father Edward Cummings was a college professor at Harvard University and also later became a pastor at South Congregational church. In 1911Cummings Enters Harvard College, specializing in Greek and other languages He contributes poems to Harvard periodicals, is exposed to the work of Ezra Pound and other modernist writers and painters
While at Harvard Cummings delivered a daring commencement speech on modernist artistic innovation, thus announcing the direction his own work would take. Cummings published his first poem in the Harvard monthly. In 1915 Cummings Graduates Harvard Magna cum Laude, and in 1916 Cummings receives M.A. for English and Classical Studies. After Harvard Cummings lives in New York with artist arthur wilson. Cummings Works for P. F. Collier & Son. Cummings joins Norton-Haries Ambulance Corps. Sails for France on La Touraine, meeting on board another Harjes-Norton recruit, william slater brown, who will remain his lifelong friend. After several weeks in Paris ee cummings and Brown are assigned to ambulance duty on Noyon sector. Brown?s letters home arouse suspicions of French army censor. On September 21, he is arrested together with Cummings, who refuses to dissociate himself from his friend. Both are sent to the concentration camp at La Ferte Mace, where they submit to further interrogation. Following strenuous efforts on his father?s part, eec is released. His experiences there served as a basis for many of his works that followed. Cummings drafted back to the war that summer. When Cummings returned after the armistice
1920 In New York. Works seriously at his painting

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