Eminem and Urban Nightmare

Eminem and Urban Nightmare
Alex Radovanovic uses some very successful persuasive writing in his article Eminem: an urban nightmare. He represents his views vividly with acute detail of his point of view on the issues. His main contention in the article is that Eminem the more he is ignored will not go away and the issues of violence, racism and sexism will fester in the minds of our youths.
Alex?s opinion of Eminem songs and lyrics are as he refers to ?make me uncomfortable ? some of them are downright repulsive?. This use of strong persuasive language portrays to the reader that he thinks Eminem is not someone to be admired and that his lyrics are not peaceful but despicable and unacceptable. Examining the phrase ?downright repulsive?, you really understand the intent of his words to make the reader see through Eminem as just a Rapper to the hate filled mind of a disturbed person. He obviously does not like Eminem or appreciate his music for any purposes.
Eminem?s singing as Alex describes as a ?schizophrenic rant? relates to Eminems own confusion with his personality. I think Radovanovic is trying to persuade the reader that Eminems singing is away of portraying his deeper emotions about his upbringing and life. It also elaborates into the use of his offensive swearing and obscene language about the discrimination of homosexuals and women.

Analysing the phrase ?A lot of kids are being bombarded by a plethora of conflicting messages?, you come to understand the ingeniousness of the writer?s ability to captivate the reader in imagining kids being swamped with numerous messages. It is a very good piece of persuasive writing because it influences the audience to believe something must be done right away and educate young children.

Finally ?Eminems creative output is dark realism blended with sensationalism? sounds like Radovanovic is trying to make a comparison with Eminems music to art. This is a contradictory persuasive phrase because the theme is him not liking Eminem and now he goes and compares him to art even if its is ?dark?.

Overall and extensive informative piece of writing with powerful persuasive language from Alex Radovanovic.

Eminem and Urban Nightmare 9 of 10 on the basis of 767 Review.